The Ultimate Lockdown List: Social Media

If you’re new here, I am making a ‘Best Of’ list of things that got me through lockdown to celebrate a year of surviving a global pandemic. Before we begin, you can catch up on the previous lists here.

Top Social Media Challenges

In this BEST OF THE BEST LIST, you will see my favourite social media trends that I could not get enough of. I would browse for hours, just basking in the different innovative (and hilarious) variations. This is my version of self-care!

Flip The Switch Challenge

Bored In The House Challenge

Dreams Challenge

In The Air Challenge

Between Art And Quarantine

Funniest Memes Of Lockdown

I have shared endless versions of these memes to my friends and family on WhatsApp. I’ve become THAT aunty. Sorry.

I hope this email finds you well

2020 Challenge

My Plans Vs 2020

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