Digital Communications Expert – Anju Lavina

I know this blog has been filled with a LOT of music. It’s hard to find words to fill the pages when life has been so unpredictable, and tough. To not get lost in a déjà vu situation with the pandemic in specific, and the news in general, I ticked off something that has been on my to-do list for the past decade.


I’ve always procrastinated on what should go on there, all of the different pages, the images, the complicated codes – but I finally just thought I needed a win – no matter how small. And so I fine-tuned my homepage and made it live. I can’t truly express what a significant milestone this is for me, especially when I spend all my time brand managing other companies.

Check it out!

This may completely change in two weeks or will stay the same for another decade. Whatever it’s future, I’m glad I got it done. In a world that is so uncertain, it’s nice to just be able to set little achievable goals, and smash it!

What have you done for yourselves today? ❤

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