Disappearance Holidays

The view from our Covid-safe, self-contained studio holiday in the middle of nowhere, UK.

Over the last year, I’ve found myself getting increasingly annoyed at the rising use of the word “staycation” to mean local travel. I can’t imagine saying I’m going to New York for a staycation when you live in Indiana. Yes, you’re in the same country. And in this case, the country is a small one like England. BUT IT IS NOT A STAYCATION when you are going somewhere else that isn’t your home!

Anyway, now that rant is done, I have to tell you about our little covid-safe, self-contained holiday. The Lord (I got him a Lordship for his birthday!) had not driven a car in 5 years and so we decided to rent one and go off to practice. And if we got a holiday out of it all, then AMAZING. So all we had planned was where to stay on the first two nights. The rest was us winging it.

We happened to have chosen a place with little to no mobile network. And so, it turned into a holiday where we disappeared. I didn’t know it till we were actually bang in the middle of our disappearance act, but it was exactly what I needed. As luck would have it, the sun was shining in full Instagram spirit as well!

To fully appreciate how in the middle in the nowhere we were, and how gorgeous the countryside was, here are some photos.

Our studio from the outside
Inside our studio
The neighbours! NEIGH!
The nearest town – Richmond.
We celebrated with a bottle of bubbly that the owner left for us!
What a view
What magical European summer have we stumbled onto by accident?

What do you think of disappearance holidays? Should everyone make it a part of their yearly routines?

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  1. Well, praise the Lord! 🙂 And I’d be thrilled if I could disappear every other day, frankly. Glad you had fun.

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    1. cupitonians says:

      It’s an underrated experience. I’d definitely recommend it to everyone! Thank you x

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  2. Wow! I want to stay there! When I was young(er) and single. I used to take road trip vacations where I would spend part of at least one day trying to get lost. I saw some wonderful scenery. One day, in Georgia (U.S.A) I drove into the same city 3 times from 3 different directions. I loved it.

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    1. cupitonians says:

      That sounds like heaven! I’m going to nag the Lord so we can do this as well when we are still young(ish)!


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