Half-Year Wrap Up

So, apparently this is the time that some people celebrate half-Christmas with sandwiches made with Christmas ingredients? This isn’t going to be that kind of wrap-up. Just an update on how half of my 2021 has gone by and a list of some of my favourite things.


I went into the year setting myself a reading challenge of 52 books. I am currently at 47 included re-reads, audiobooks and graphic novels! The toughest book for me to read was Jane Eyre. I didn’t read it when I was meant to = as a teenager. This meant that when I did read it now, I found it excruciating. The religious aspect, the fact that this dark hero had a black wife locked up in his basement. Shudder. Hard pass. I might still watch the movie though. I mean, Michael Fassbender anyone?

Interestingly, the top books that stuck with me are mostly non-fiction – which isn’t usually my go-to genre of books. Here are my top 3.


Thanks to Norm and a few other blogger friends, my mixtapes project is thriving without me having to do any real work. So I’ll spare you the repetion. Instead, here are a few music videos that I have been obsessed with so far this 2021. (These are in no particular order)

All video versions of this song. This is their latest performance at the BET Awards.
This song doesn’t have a video yet but made me fall in love with Sufi music yet again. There’s an expansiveness and magic to the sound I can’t quite put into words.
Shot and performed in Bangalore! I miss home!


A special shout out to a startup called Watcher Entertainment with whom I’ve been obsessed with this year. My favourite series of there’s is something called Puppet History. Here’s a taste. If you go down the rabbit hole of watching all their videos, you’re welcome!


I have to take a few minutes to talk about Pride Month which ends today. I am gender apathetic, in that I believe that my gender is none of your business. I refuse to label myself or put myself in a box but am happy to identify as queer. Do with that what you will. As with every pride month that passes, I am incredibly aware of how privileged I am to make such statements without having my safety or quality of life affected. I stand on the shoulders of my queer ancestors who have made this possible and so a special shout out to my LGBTQIA+ family everywhere who are fighting the fight and breaking barriers so I don’t have to!

Here are some of the gayest moments of 2021 that gave me life!

Content Warning for homophobes!

What have been your favourite books/songs/shows this year so far? Let me know!

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  1. You’ve only read 37 more books than I have. I just can’t get into reading for some reason. Of the 10 I’ve finished so far, I became caught up in White Fragility.

    My favorite music, which I discovered after the group’s have been around for years, include The Rifters and Birds of Chicago.

    As far as shows, hmm, I just started watching The Nevers on HBO, and it shows promise.

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    1. cupitonians says:

      I disassociate from real life by reading. I’m sure you have plenty of other exciting things going on for you. Life in lockdown here is mostly dull. I love all your music! Keep sharing more!


      1. I just sent you another mixtape, so be careful what you wish for.

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