Norm Houseman: Outward Bound

Cindy and I recently returned from a three-week road trip vacation. We spent the second week in Las Vegas, but that left a lot of time on the road. We divide the driving time between us. When I drive, I listen to music that I have stored on a flash drive, and I keep it on shuffle mode. As you can imagine, that leaves me time to listen to a lot of music. This list is made up of a few of the songs that I heard on the way to Vegas. 

This isn’t the order in which I heard the songs. Would you really believe that Beginnings was that first song I heard? I chose songs that were representative of what I heard, realizing that some artists, like Bud & Travis aren’t on Spotify (though some of their other work is. You can hear Travis Edmonson and Bud Dashiell with The Kinsmen there). A couple of credits you might not find on Spotify: Joe Cocker is singing with The Crusaders, and the vocalist on Nino Tempo’s You Are So Beautiful is Robert Flack. I hope you enjoy the outbound trip.

As part of my new mixtapes project, I have asked select friends to curate playlists for me. This mixtape is specially curated for us by Norm. He quickly became a true friend and confidant 7 years ago when I correctly recognised a floppy disk for what it was. Since then, he has seen me through all my ups and downs through perfectly timed memes, several postcards, lessons on the American presidency, and music, music, music. When not spreading positivity by sharing his song of the day on Twitter, you can find him blogging at Classical Gasbag.

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  1. As always, I appreciate the opportunity to share music that I love. I did make a typo in my notes on the list. Anyone listening will know that the vocalist on Nino Tempo’s song is ROBERTA Flack, not Robert.


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