F*$k The Government, I Love You!

We’re not one for Valentine’s Day, but Adam turns 40 this year and so I’m using it as an excuse to celebrate all the things – from the littlest to the biggest! That way, I get to make his whole year special, and not just the day of his birth.

When we first heard this song, I remember feeling like no other love song quite captured us in the same way that this did. We joked about how if we were the wedding types, this would be our first dance. Then, after all of the adventures and all of the countries and three waves of a global pandemic, The Burning Hell were the first band we got to see live in person. And when they sang this song, it quickly became clear that this is OUR theme song.

The number of times we’ve “danced” around the kitchen and living room, singing the chorus at the top of our lungs …

I am not often a vocal or physically affectionate person – my love language is giving presents and writing love letters. I combined the two this Valentine’s Day and this is the result.

For those of you sick of love songs, here are a few more of my favourite songs by them.

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  1. I’m so glad you published this, because when you sent me the video link it wouldn’t play for me. Now I’ve heard the song. Now all I have to do is find a text of the lyrics so I can make out what they are singing. BTW I love the saxophone solo. Happy Birthday, Valentine’s Day, and every other day Adam.

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      1. I’ll give it try after I work on our taxes today.

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