Biggest Fan

When I was a child, I saw someone turn a candy wrapper into a tiny fan that could also be used as a crafty skirt for a doll (or a drawing of one). I became obsessed with it and every time I have a run in with some candy, I make them and then give them to whoever is next to me. I’ve watched every one of my niblings light up just as I did all those years ago. This Christmas, I was witness to the same reaction from them as if I’d done an elaborate magic trick.

Hilariously, I noticed A reacting in exactly the same way when I absentmindedly gave him one of my candy wrapper fans. Every time I passed him one, he would light up and fan himself with it.

I was filled with this overwhelming feeling of having found the perfect partner for me.

And so I did what every millennial does, I recorded it.

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