My life has taken me on roads that I never thought I’d ever walk.

Some roads I roam for days and days trying to find the next turn, the next great adventure on the way to what is meant to be my “path”. At some junctions, I have to take a u-turn and start all over again. In some by-lanes,  I have to sit against the tar and hope for inspiration to hit me.

Sometimes, the most ridiculous things fuel me on and what you see here are mostly rants spewed thanks to an incredibly shocking number of phases I go through as a 20 something year old trying to navigate through the labyrinth they call life. Thank you for bearing with all of the nonsense and half baked plots I put on screen. This journey is so much more magical with you helping me turn the pages.


165 thoughts on “Prologue

  1. My path started with an interest in something, which lead to another, which lead to another. A persons life is made up of many paths all woven into one. So I have a deep and often off the map path that my love’s expression follows, I have a profound spiritual path, I have a strong and persistent ethical path when it comes to relating to others… and all these paths started with a simple inner passion, something that sparked the first step. Always choose that, that makes you happy… that that feeds your soul.
    May the path you follow, be lit with blissful blessings…


  2. Wow, so much liking going on at my place… thanks! But how come you can read French?
    For me, I still haven’t taken the time to go through all your posts but I enjoyed what I’ve read already. Keep this going!


      1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. Didn’t think it was spam but it’s not so often that you get so many likes in a row so I wondered.
        And I have to say your writing is very inspiring and enjoyable! (even though I committed to blogging in French, and it’s hard to keep a light style in this tricky grammar)


  3. Hey, Thanks for following my blog, Inspiring evolution. Hope you liked what you read on my space.

    I came across your blog some time back and absolutely loved it!

    Stay connected and happy living!




  4. hi there! i wanted to stop by and thank you for stopping by my blog and following! what a sweet surprise that was! and thank you for “liking” them as well…
    i’m not quite the savvy blogger, but i’m attempting it, lol, hopefully within the next week i can browse yours also!! ty ty ty again, for being so kind 🙂


  5. Just wanted to come by personally and thank you for spending so much time catching up with my Wall Grimm posts, it means a lot, and I deeply appreciate it. You humble me really. Take care, Sage


  6. Hi it is so nice to meet you as you embark on your life journey. Thank you for following my blog I am looking at life from further up the road than you but still journeying. I still feel about 20something in my head. Be well be Happy. Xxx


  7. cupitonians

    Thank you for “Liking” the post “Angel In The Sand”. Streets Of Our World. on my photography blog

    On behalf of the Through Harold’s Lens Creative Team, my trusty sidekick Mr. SLR Nikon, his brother Mr. Pen Pal and myself, we truly appreciate your enjoyment.

    We hope you continue to join us on our journeys.  

    Best Regards,


  8. 🙂 I came over to introduce myself and this seems the best place to do it. Thank you so much for reading me, and I am pleasantly surprised to find that one blogger I follow has given you an award already, and another has has a conversation with you about a minotaur! It is very nice to meet you, and I think you have a fabulous thing going on here. The atmosphere is good. 😉


  9. 🙂
    If you see, every day, people go home and go to work, school, etc.., Through the same road. It’s called a routine.

    You apparently do not want to like it. Then you create a labyrinth, and started walking. Can I go walking in your labyrinth? I’m not afraid to get lost. I chose to get lost, rather than bored by the same road, is not it? You are a clever in your labyrinth .. 🙂 I like your posts.


  10. Hello!
    Thank you for following my blog. I know how many interesting blogs are out there and feel honored that you picked mine to follow. I hope my stories entertain and inform and my photos bring you joy and wonderment.
    I travel mostly local but try to always find interesting places. I have lived in several different places and dig through my archives of photos to bring glimpses into places I have been. Sometimes I post a recipe because food tells a lot about culture.
    I am not a professional photographer, so my photos are sometimes a little fuzzy and there are telephone poles and wires and other things along with what I was photographing. The older photos are 35mm, the newer are point and shoot digital and a few are Samsung Smartphone.
    I am new to blogging so if you have any advice or critique please drop me a comment.
    Thank you again for following and to quote Mark Twain: “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” – Mark Twain
    Iris the Wanderer


  11. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog about Boleskine house. I had a very strange thing happen to me near there. Two summers ago I did the hike that goes from Foyers, along loch ness to Inverfarig and then up the other side of the highway and along the ridge and back down to Foyers. At the time I had never heard of Boleskine House and didnt even know there was a house not far off of the trail. I was alone and I hiked the part along the lake first. The whole time I only saw three groups of people. When I got to Inverfarig I crossed the street and started the hike up to the ridge. It went up a ways and into a thick part of the woods. It had probably been about an hour maybe since the car park. I was in a thick part of the woods and just walking and suddenly I hear someone distinctly call my name. I am from the States…. I didnt know anyone anywhere near there. I stopped and briefly thought to myself…who the hell would I know out here and quickly came to the conclusion-no one. I turned around and saw-no one…nothing….nada. I looked around full circle and there was no one there. This freaked me out pretty bad and I almost ran out of there until I got to a clearance. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone as I couldnt explain it…so I didnt until I met a guy that lives sort of near there. I told him what happened and he asked me to explain exactly where I was and when I did he said he knew why and then told me about this house. When I went back and looked at the map and figured where I was, it was probably the closest the trail gets to the house. It still creeps me out to this day and I thought I would search online to see if anyone else has had weird experiences there and I found your blog. Just thought you might be interested. Thanks for writing, I like your stories.

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  12. My name is Fia Essen. I’ve been an expatriate since childhood. I grew up in stables in the Middle East and South East Asia, surrounded by horses, philandering polo players, and bored expatriate housewives. Now I live in Athens.

    I’m the Company Administrator at Essen & Essen, which specializes in business and personal development, and I’m also a writer. On the 1st of April 2015, my novel Ariel, was published by Solstice Publishing. They will release my second novel, Anna, this summer.

    Ariel is about a half-English, half-American, lifelong expatriate who was born in Hong Kong and now lives in Singapore. At the age of thirty-four, Ariel is in debt and out of luck. She used to have a career, a penthouse, and a group of fun friends. Now she has a dead-end job, a rented hovel of a home, and a rising stack of unpaid bills to keep her company. Just when she is starting to fear she will never be able to get her life back on track, she is contacted by the mysterious Muse Agency. Suddenly, she is forced to question everything she thought she knew about herself and those around her.

    Every writer has heard the phrase “write what you know” at some point. So that’s exactly what I did. I wrote what I knew. On a deeply personal level, I know what it’s like to be stuck in a rut.

    Self-help turned fiction… That’s a genre you don’t see a lot of but it describes Ariel well. What most self-help books fail to mention is that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to self-help. Every person on the planet is a unique individual. So I began picking bits and pieces of self-help that helped me, advice that suited my personality. And then I put that into Ariel, hoping readers of the story would find something that could help them in their own lives.

    I would like to know if you would consider reading and reviewing Ariel. If you would, I’d like to send you the eBook version.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Best regards,
    Fia Essen

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  13. Thank you for your visit and for liking my post, ‘6:00 AM and ‘My Favorite Book Challange’. I love your blog design, it makes me want to hit the road. I am looking forward to reading your post. So I will follow you. It’s good to meet you!


  14. Hello!
    Sorry to post it here, because I can’t find your email.
    I’m Jin and I’m currently looking for bloggers to collaborate with our company.
    I came across your blog and feel interested in it!
    I would like to invite you to collaborate with us.
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