There’s a lot to be said about hair as it pertains to families, traditions and cultures. This is a glimpse into my hairstory!

Groundhog Day

I didn’t want the last post on my blog to be a recap of the past, and so, here’s a 2022 post. It’s already February, I know. But, it’s Lunar New Year – so a fresh start is warranted? It’s also the Year of the Tiger = my Chinese Zodiac. So, I’m going for it!…

The Little Things = Self Care

It’s the little things like fresh air and love that equal self-care. Don’t forget to recharge yourself with both.

A Glimpse Into New Year’s Traditions Around The World

Having lived and worked in six different countries in the past ten years, I have come to appreciate what binds us together as one human race. One such example is the idea of a New Year. Now, while the idea of having a fresh year annually is universal, the ‘when’ differs. Officially we welcome a…