The Dream turns 5 this week!

I was in the French part of India this long weekend for a highly anticipated holiday. It had all the right blends of beach side strolling, French cafe reading, hammock lounging, graffiti hunting and sea food binging. While there, a friend posted a comment on Facebook that she lived in the same town. I quickly…

Flat G Tackles The 3D World!

I got called in, the other day, for a not so secret but very, VERY important mission by an Englishman in Italy. Agent Pecora Nera (Black Sheep) had received instructions that a young girl from Washington wanted to see the far reaches of the world. Being an extremely important person to whom everyone went to in time of…

The World is One Nation

I know this blog has taken somewhat of a ‘subtle’ negative tone over the past few months on account of life handing me too many lemons but this Friday, I went for a really nice birthday meal. It was an Italian restaurant run by a Japanese couple in the IT hub of India who served…

Damn Hormones!

Nephew – Princess Pea was crying today when I gave her some chocolate Me – Why? Nephew (dropping his voice to a whisper) – I don’t know. I think she got hormones. (Things kids pick up while eavesdropping on conversations about your pregnant sister)

Change of Scene

We’ve been shifted to the top most floor of our office building. Now, this isn’t such a big deal – considering we have been moved thrice over the past one year. However, this view is doing good things to my imagination! What’s that in the distance? A palace you say?