I’m still recovering from one of my niblings refusing to believe that we used to use paper maps to get to places. She said the only people she’s seen using paper maps are pirates. PIRATES!!! We millennials are finally old (and outdated) enough to be considered “old” by Gen Alpha! Send help!


One of the most important lessons I tried to learn in 2022 was ‘setting boundaries’. I am not very good at it but had gotten to a stage in my life where I could no longer ignore how much it took out of me, and how unhealthy it truly was. In looking back at my…

2022: A Wrap-Up

2022 was an interesting year for me because I fully embraced the library life — aka the Leeds Library online app. It helped me really get into audiobooks, something I’ve not been into before. It also helped me not feel so rubbish about not reading as much as the previous years. I know, I know….

F*$k The Government, I Love You!

We’re not one for Valentine’s Day, but Adam turns 40 this year and so I’m using it as an excuse to celebrate all the things – from the littlest to the biggest! That way, I get to make his whole year special, and not just the day of his birth. When we first heard this…

Half-Year Wrap Up

So, apparently this is the time that some people celebrate half-Christmas with sandwiches made with Christmas ingredients? This isn’t going to be that kind of wrap-up. Just an update on how half of my 2021 has gone by and a list of some of my favourite things. BOOKS I went into the year setting myself…