Work From Home Essentials

Work From Home Essentials – Feat. my work table and a very special addition, to help with these scary #covid19 times!

Time For Another Adventure Through Space And Time

I’ve exhausted all my money on “budget-friendly” holidays this summer but have still not a made a dent on the colossus that is my Wanderlust. The time is ripe for another N-N-1, an opportunity to see various parts of the world for FREE! For the uninitiated, N-N-1 is the brainchild of one of my best…

You’re the puppet

So we saw a lot of Anti-Trump posters/protest signs at the Christopher Street Day/Cologne Pride weekend last week. Given this state of the news this week, thought this is more relevant than ever!

Happy 5, Schatz!

When I think back on all my adventures in all the countries I’ve lived in and travelled to, the biggest, most challenging, most fulfilling adventure was meeting and falling in love with this remarkable example of a human exactly 5 years ago. From having a whirlwind (and secret) romance in Blighty, to road tripping through…

The Cologne House Hunt

If I have only one complaint two complaints about Cologne, it’s that people smoke way too much, and the housing market is a complete nightmare. In no other country I’ve moved to have I felt the possiblity of being homeless so keenly! View this post on Instagram When we first moved here, we didn't actually…