Things That Are Prematurely Ageing Me

So, yes, I already have an old and bitter soul. We both know that. Who am I kidding? However, I feel like whatever youthful joy I had is being edged out in favour of being even more old and bitter than my normal state. Here’s a few things that have really pushed me over the…

The Ultimate Lockdown List: A Life Lesson

This time, last year, we went into our first lockdown. Not much has changed, we’re still in lockdown. But EVERYTHING has changed. Here’s what I’ve learnt over this last year.

The Ultimate Lockdown List: Social Media

In this Ultimate Lockdown list to mark a year of lockdowns,, you will see my top list of social media challenges and memes I could not get enough of! Send help!

The Ultimate Lockdown List: Books

As I was doom scrolling Instagram, I reached a motivational post that said we need to learn how to monetize our misery – and so, here I am. Thanks to this late night inspo, I have decided to combine my love of lists with the upcoming one-year anniversary of the first lockdown in the UK!…