Road Trip: Homeward Bound

Perhaps you expected to hear Simon & Garfunkel’s song Homeward Bound since that is in the title of this mixtape. Well, though the song was on the flash drive with my music, I didn’t hear it on the trip back from Las Vegas. No more than I heard Tom Paxton’s song Outward Bound on the…

Norm Houseman: Outward Bound

Cindy and I recently returned from a three-week road trip vacation. We spent the second week in Las Vegas, but that left a lot of time on the road. We divide the driving time between us. When I drive, I listen to music that I have stored on a flash drive, and I keep it…

Norm Houseman: Top 40 Radio

Most of the physical mixtapes that I’ve put together over the years were made up from songs that I heard on albums. Many of those albums would be obscure references to the (imagined) typical reader of this blog and the friends to whom I gave these mixtapes. I did my humble best to expand their…

Norm Houseman: Great American Songbook (Part 1)

The Great American Songbook, or American Standards, are songs that were written in the 20th Century that have lasted. There are more than 400 of them. This is the first of the playlists!

Norm Houseman: Songs of ’65

1965 was an important year for me personally and musically. Despite being exposed to many new styles of music and different artists, I still clung to keeping up with what was popular.