Curated Soundtracks Just For You

Music has played a pivotal role in whatever journeys I’ve taken in my life There has been a song for every twist in the labyrinth, every stumble in a back lane, every adventure at a post office, every photograph taken, and every milestone hit. There’s even a COVID playlist! They make every memory magical.

This is my way of sharing these moments with you, with the help of trusted friends who’ve agreed to share their mixtapes with me.

Whatever your genre or mood, I hope you find something here to help transport and elevate you. Most importantly, I hope you find the same joy I did while listening and curating this for you 🙂

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About Me

I am a digital nomad who has lived and worked in 7 countries (and counting, I hope). I started this blog when I was an impressionable teenager with a dream to write, even if the path to being a writer was not open to me at the time.

After a stint in the non-profit sector, I finally built up the courage to swap careers because I was full to bursting with the urge to draw pictures with words. I am now an established digital communications and marketing manager helping people and projects all over the world tell their stories.

Every now and then, I’ll remember that I have something to say as well. This blog is that platform. Expect everything from listicles to rants to just photos with no context.

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