Norm Houseman: Songs of ’65

1965 was an important year for me personally and musically. Despite being exposed to many new styles of music and different artists, I still clung to keeping up with what was popular.

Norm Houseman: Compilation Albums

“Anticipating mixtapes, record companies often put out compilation albums with songs from a variety of the artists they had under contract. Over the years I’ve collected several of them in vinyl, tape, and cd format,” Norm Houseman. Read all about it here.

Things That Are Prematurely Ageing Me

So, yes, I already have an old and bitter soul. We both know that. Who am I kidding? However, I feel like whatever youthful joy I had is being edged out in favour of being even more old and bitter than my normal state. Here’s a few things that have really pushed me over the…

Norm Houseman: Bargain Bin Bonanza

Norm takes you through a time in his life where he spent hours and hours in record stores going through the bargain bins for records on sale. Check out this latest mixtape to hear his favourite finds.