2020 Reading Challenge

I’ve smashed my 2020 reading challenge, and read 30/30 books. Haters gonna say it’s photoshopped!

Work From Home Essentials

Work From Home Essentials – Feat. my work table and a very special addition, to help with these scary #covid19 times!

Just Covid-19 Things

If there’s one thing that’s come from this whole Coronavirus (Covid-19) “End Of The World” situation, it’s that I am suddenly inspired to blog again. Who knew that all it would take for these creative juices to get flowing was a pandemic!

N-N-1: The August Edition

Our time and space travelling project is continuing to capture real-moments globally, allowing us to see and read about events we can’t currently be there for. And until they invent that teleportation device, we shall live vicariously through the N-N-1 phenomenon. For those unfamiliar with the concept, go to the N-N-1 collaboration archive to get…