More fun with the junior Aussie who said I was “WEIRD” for liking Vegemite. I called her a fake Australian. She called be a wannabe bushranger. I don’t know what that is but I sure do like the sound of that.

In other news, I have blogged over at Lazy Happy Bored Happy Sad. It is the first guest post she’s ever posted and happens to be the coolest person I know (and have met) from the interwebs! Go over and check out my Christmas Traditions. Seriously. Click.

Fine, here’s a photo of me kidnapping a goat on my 2nd Birthday. It features in the post. Now, click, please?

How can you deny my face!
How can you deny my face!

I don’t know when I’ll blog next so in case I don’t get to put carols in your head, here’s an old classic from India. JINGLE BELLS YO!

Top 10 Holiday Cards – 2013 Edition

I came down from my room this morning to a delightful conversation. The Aussies had arrived and were wearing jumpers. This is so different to our European visitors who talk about the Bangalore winter like it was a pleasant Summer’s Day.

Dad – I like your hairstyle. What is that thing you’ve used to tie your hair?
Aussie Jr – A hair tie
Dad – A hair toy?
Aussie Jr – A hair tie!!
Dad – A hair toy? Is that like a rubber band for kids?
Aussie Jr – IT’S A HAIR TIE!

This conversation really cracked me up because my dad was being really serious. He was actually wondering if it was an Aussie thing. He is, obviously, oblivious to accents. Which got me to thinking that OMG I haven’t sent out any Christmas presents yet.

Sometimes the way my mind connects stuff is bizarre. I perhaps need therapy.

And since it was too late to actually write out cards, I thought I’d create some e-cards. I went on the interwebs for some much needed inspiration and I was not be disappointed. If you’re as hopeless as I am during the holidays, take heart. Or you could take time and re-create these.

You’re welcome!

Revamp your letter to the North Pole this year with a ransom note. Guaranteed to get Santa’s attention. Things we need – A special someone to hang upside down


Holy Interwebs Family - Christmas
Don’t forget that Christmas is truly about presents CHRIST! Recreate the scene of His illustrious birthday. No baby? No worries! Replace with trusty pet!


Christmas Photo Fail - Children
Nothing says J-O-Y like a group of crying children holding up paper mache alphabets and parents trying to recreate Pinterest cards. I might have to try these with my 2 cousins and broseph!


Game of Thrones Christmas Card
Not to leave my fellow nerds behind, dress up like your favourite characters when the risk of you being called a weirdo you have a good excuse to. Winter is Coming! Happy Holidays! Valar Morghulis!


Cat & Owner Christmas Card
Seriously, this is most likely going to be my card this year. For those of you who’re away from family and loved ones, for you fellow introverts, for you whose spirit animal is grumpy cat. Have cat, will pose!


Parent Christmas Card Fail
Christmas is the best time to show everyone what a great partner, sibling, spouse, parent you are. Drink the wine and poach baby at 300 degrees.


Japanese Horror Christmas Card
This is an actual Japanese Christmas Card from the 1950s. I have nothing to add to this except – JAPAN! *shakes my head*


Reindeer Zombie Christmas Card
Who doesn’t love a good zombie story even if it features Santa and his elves fending off ravenous zombie reindeer! The season of Peace and Love is upon us! OLE!


Family Choir Cat Christmas Card
For a family of singers who can’t get enough of them carols. Get the family pets involved and jingle all the way!


Silent Night Kids
If there are people in your life that you just can’t get to shut up this holiday, this is the perfect way to get peace of mind for 1 hour. Things you need – Kids/Annoying People, Fairy Lights & Duct Tape