Marking Anniversaries

Bangkok Skyline
The view of downtown Bangkok from my office window

I don’t have a track record of remembering anniversaries and important dates. These days, you don’t need to, thanks to Facebook and Time Hop. All you need to do is put up a post about it and it’ll remind you every year ‘On This Day’.

Very Convenient.

However, I have been trying to be less rubbish at it. I read somewhere that we are potentially the only species on the planet who’s aware of the passage of time and that just blew my mind. We know time flies, we know life is fleeting, and if we didn’t know any better, we’d just be stuck in a routine where one day is just like the other. I understand now, more than ever, why people get into knots about remembering anniversaries.

Today I have been in Bangkok and at this job for a whole year. If I didn’t take the time to look out the window and take stock of where I was standing right then and what journey got me there, would I be giving life the credit that it deserves? Just thinking back to when I first got here and how life has changed in the span of only 365 days makes me speechless. Even when everyday seems the same, you’re never the same person you were when you first started.

Life is never dull and constant.

Sometimes, to appreciate the true complexity and beauty of life, and your own transformation to the beat of the seconds hand, you just need to take a step back and really look.

Life is an amazing journey!

A stormy evening sky in Bangkok
A stormy evening sky in Bangkok

Happy Anniversary Bangkok. You have been challenging and eye-opening, you have been a comfort and infuriating. In not being home, and in sometimes being the exact opposite of comforting, you’ve raised me to be stronger, better, more resilient. In kicking me out of my comfort zone every single day, you’ve made my life throb with excitement! Thank you for a wonderful year!

It’s the 5nal countdown!

Somewhere in madness of spring skipping school and letting summer arrive early, WordPress reminded me that it is my 5 year blogiversary this month! As is ritual, I created a few new headers and have finally uploaded one that felt like the 5th year one (you can see the others on my headers page). For all the readers I’ve lost and all those who read me on feedly (and other reader apps), here’s the 5nal image.

This Labyrinth I Roam

And because this is the 5th year and as such, is such a huge milestone, I decided to approach 5 of my most favourite writers and have asked them to pen down something special. So you’re in for 5 articles about the past 5 years in 500 words. I’m really nervous-excited about this.

An update about what’s been happening will be up soon. Meanwhile, keep an eye out for the guest posts as I go and find myself some cake to celebrate.