30 before 30 – Part 2

30 Day Writing Challenge


Earlier in this blog challenge, I started a list of 30 things you DON’T have to achieve by 30. I know that there are set milestones by society that includes marriage and babies but since you only know for sure about one lifetime, do yourself a favour and be happy?

Here’s the second part of that list –

  1. Indulge in anti-aging, anti-blemish and anti-wrinkle creams – You are young. You’ve still got a good 60% of your life to go. By all means, take care of yourself. But also revel in your beauty and in your scars. They are what makes you uniquely you.
  2. A city to call home – You have only just started to discover what you like and what you don’t, that isn’t informed by what your friends or family love. You don’t have to find home just yet. Travel. Explore. See the world.
  3. A completely ticked off bucket list – You are not a failure just cause you haven’t ticked of the 100 things on your list. If you have, then your list is probably a cheat sheet of easy to do tasks. Truly challenge yourself and have goals and like a fishy once told all of us, just keep swimming.
  4. Ability to handle a crisis – We are human and therefore prone to panic attacks. This is okay. You don’t always have to be strong. You don’t always have to have it together. It is okay to lose it once in a while because it will teach you lessons like nothing else could.
  5. Power to turn your nose up at happy hour – No one expects this of you, not in your 30s when you’ve only just begun your career.
  6.  Handling a problem without calling your mum – You’ve just moved to university, you’ve just had your heart broken, you’ve just rented your first apartment that isn’t a student dorm, you’ve just moved countries, you’ve just started a cutthroat job at a corporate – it’s okay to call your mum when fear is all that resides in your heart. You will need the comfort of her voice and the wisdom of her advice. It will get you through the toughest times.
  7. “I’m too old for that” – is a phrase that should not exist in your vocabulary. No! Nein! Nee! La! Nei! Nahi! Illa!
  8. Masterchef skills – Yes, you need to survive but you need not know how to make masterchef recipes. Take it easy.
  9. A signature style – Because, face it, it’ll change and you will probably look back on it and exclaim “WHAT the hell was I thinking!”
  10. Any idea of what the future will hold – Your life plans need not all be laid out. Where’s the fun in that?

30 before 30 – Part 1

30 Day Writing Challenge

The thing that will pop out to you on my blog like I’m an SEO freak are the keywords – Bucket List. I have so many lists on so many platforms, it will make your head reel. I figured I’d make a different sort of list today, an anti-bucket list. I can’t claim to be an advice guru. Think of this like a letter of motivation to myself. Here is my rather randomly put together list of things to you do NOT have to before you’re 30.

  1. Settle Down – There’s a lot of talk in society about how you need to find someone or have someone found for you, marry, buy a house, pop babies – there’s a standard list of things to do with a simple google search. By all means, do those things. But do it when you’re well and ready. In your 20s, you are young, your body can take a beating, you have an unbelievable ability to push yourself. Go out and discover yourself. Have an adventure – alone, with friends or with a partner.
  2. Get a Dream Job – In your mid-late 20s, you will start to feel like a loser because Goddamnit! Where is that dream job you were promised? There are the lucky ones who know very early on what their passion is and go after it. A lot of us, though, have to figure this out through trial and error. Work in a place that sucks your soul because it will teach you what you don’t want. Work in jobs you always wanted to, even if it pays peanuts because it’s okay. You’ll be okay.
  3. Own a House – Discovering yourself and what makes you truly happy is more important than owning a concrete structure or having enough of a bank balance for a down payment. Invest instead in travel.
  4. Children? – Mother nature will probably kick you in the ovaries for this one but discover who you are as a couple, build a strong foundation as a single team, be prepared (financially and mentally) to be parents before you get down to it
  5. Non Plastic Furniture – People at work were discussing home furnishing and things that they will own forever. Do you really need to make that sort of investment before you settle down? Here’s an easy way to know if you’re ready – if you can’t pick between two appealing pairs of shoes, don’t do it
  6. Own a Car – Before you start typing up comments about how this is an impossible ask, what I mean is – you don’t have to own a car from the same century as you. You don’t need to be the owner of the most modern sedan ever invented. There’s plenty of time for that.
  7. Have a Doctorate – This probably counts more in Asian countries and more in South India where we pile on degrees because that is how our worth is calculated – by our academic qualifications. My mum has 2 masters, my dad has a PhD and I could be well on my way to both of those milestones. People here say study, finish it all off before you are married. But it is important to keep learning. There is no 

    deadline and don’t collect degrees just because. Learn about something you have a deep desire to learn.

  8. A Full Passport – Some would call me a hypocrite because I’m on my second passport and I’m still 3 years away from 30. Still, don’t assume that you have to cram all travel into a decade because “OMG, there is no life after marriage. Everything must be done now, now, NOW” Make travel your priority but don’t break your back and your heart about how much you have been doing. Focus also on making little trips to restaurants, cafes, cities within your own country that you’ve never been to. Memories are more important than stamps. 

  9. An Answer to Deep Philosophical Questions – Why are we here? Where do we see ourselves 5 years from now? Has your life been worthwhile? Sure, Douglas Adams came pretty close to answering these questions but could you seriously say that 5 years ago you imagined yourself where you are right now? 
  10. Guilt for Eating What You Love – Your body will need you to pamper it eventually. You’ll have to be it’s crutches and do it a diet and exercise favour but before you get to that stage – eat what you want to eat. Savour each bite of pizza and ice-cream. And mmmmm, cheesecake!

Stay tuned for part 2 and 3. Also, I’d love to hear what’d be on your lists. I may or may not steal your ideas. Promise! 😀