I have been very bad about awards. I don’t always feel like I deserve them but I’m also always very thrilled to receive it. I keep meaning to do posts about them till the ‘busy’ word keeps haunting me – which isn’t really fair to all of you who nominate me. So I put this on my things to do list, put up posts, email reminders – this evil machine I want to smash.


It seems to have worked.

I have been nominated thrice for the Dragon Loyalty Award by Seth’s Perspective, Sincerely Kate and Container Chronicles for the Dragon Loyalty Award (rules included in those links). This is an award for how obsessive I am – OBVIOUSLY. When I find a new blog to follow, I do the creepy stalker thing and read as many of their posts as I can to catch up. Earlier, I used to lurk, consuming every post ever put up but never really commenting. And now the WordPress Gods have installed a ‘like’ button. Cue constructive(?) spamming Isn’t it sweet that I got awarded for something that is obviously a problem I need therapy for?

What I feel like today!

I’ve also been awarded the ‘Versatile Blogger” award by The Opiniator and Favorite Passtime. Again, the rules are on his blog – Please, pretty place take this bait and check these lovely blogs out. The good thing about blogging awards is that it gives you ideas for posts when you’re stuck.

Seven Things About Me –
1) I’m 90% introverted – This doesn’t show up when I interact with people. People like hanging out with me – the way people turn to me when I enter a party is proof of this. I make friends easily and I’m not shy, and yet I’d much rather stay at home, alone. I enjoy being alone.


2) I like to start my day catching up with all your blogs. I do the same just after lunch at work. 

3) On weekends, I do my Teach English as a Foreign Language course (my plan B for when I just need to take off but don’t have the finances for a long trip). On Sundays, I laze in front of the TV watching cooking shows.

4) I’ve only read 8 books this year as opposed to the 84 in 2011- 2 of which I haven’t yet finished. 1 of which I’m ignoring purposely because I don’t want to know what happens next – Thank you George R R Martin

George R R Martin Sadistic
5) I don’t have a surname – just two names. My parents decided early on that they wanted me to discover myself and have my own identity without being slave to my family, father’s or husbands identities.
6) I’m not looking forward to Christmas Day because “I don’t want to go!” (Which is a point about how I insert Doctor Who references everywhere I can get away with it)

Me at Christmas
Me at Christmas

7) I watch Epic Rap Battles of History when I need cheering up. This one is my most favourite.

My lovely Canadian Beauty over at Green Grows Dark has given me the Imagine Award which is an award created to recognize bloggers who express their passion and dedication towards their blogs through their creativity – through words, pictures, videos, blog layout etc. Now this is an award I love for its task to talk about the one who nominates you. I find it a great THANK YOU method and I get to tell you that –

a) She has the most adorable dog in the world – Jack.
b) She’s an incredibly strong woman for being open about her struggles and for taking action over the easier ‘do nothing’ option.
c) She is an amazing writer to boot – she has a beautiful way with words.
d) Her passion towards mental health and psychology leads her to research that I have personally found very helpful.
e) She has recently created an inspiring bucket list many of which I would encourage you to take up yourselves

And now for the best part of this post – The people I’d like to forward these awards (ALL OF THE AWARDS) to. 

SPECIAL MENTION – Blogs I’m addicted to because of the mind-blowing/creative content

Perception Paradox – Ramblings from the Dark Side

Merlin Spielen – Random thoughts from a computer jockey with a graphite pencil

The View from a Drawbridge – The random musings of a bridgetender with entirely too much time on her hands

And in no particular order

Green Grows Dark – It doesn’t hurt to use your brain

Container Chronicles – Time, Space, Money, Things

Seth’s Perspective – Because I am unique, just like everyone else

Sincerely Kate –  If wimpy kids can have diaries, so can this obsessive compulsive pen pal

Treatment of Visions – Now blogging every damn day in december.

The Sir Letters – A tale of love

The Opiniator – Let’s zoom in on issues

The Half Eaten Mind – News and views from a partially digested brain

My success is your success – Just another WordPress site 😉

Erik S. Lehman – Inside the romantic mind of an author – Fiction, poetry and beauty.

Belsbror – Like it or not, it’s already written, my way.

New Author Online – This site is the bee’s knees

Know-All’s Box – A picture a day to keep the frowns at bay

Kev’s Stuff – Thoughts and Expressions in Writ

Fugitive Fragments – Aussiemandias

The Seeker – 3Ps: Pilgrim’s Progress by Perpetua


Breaking News

30 Day Writing Challenge
We interrupt your regular programme to bring you this breaking news –

It’s that time of year again where awards are being meted out and it feels like Christmas. Christmas in November before the adverts come on. What’s not to love? And I love this Blog of the Year award (A huge shout out to Half Eaten Mind and Dear Kitty for nominating me) because while it is flattering, I get to show off all the blogs I stalk read before I go to sleep at night. They have got me through insomnia, stomach problems, zombie apocalypses and general dark days. My life this year wouldn’t have been the same without these blog elves churning up new material surprisingly whenever I needed it.

Here are my blogs of the year and in no particular order –


Blog of the Year Award 6 star jpeg

The other thing I love about this award is that you can collect stars much like you did in kindergarten. Come on, you know that joy never gets old. So unlike other awards where you keep getting nominated for the same thing by different bloggers, you just change your badge to reflect stars. Stars = number of nominations.

If you know someone who deserves this award, go ahead and nominate them. The instructions are fairly simple –

1.  Select your nominees – Check

2 . Write a blog post and tell the world about the blogs you have chosen – Check

3.  Let the blogs that you have chosen know that you have given them this award and share the instructions with them – Check 

4. Go say hi to the creator of the Blog of the Year award – Check

5. Join the ‘Blog of the Year’ Award Facebook page – click the link here  and share your blog posts with an even wider audience.

6 And as a winner of the award – please add a link back to the blog that presented you with the award – and then proudly display the award on your blog … and start collecting stars

Who are your nominees?