I was a Mayan – Fact!

No, seriously. I had 100s of people line up to take photos of me. I was 18ish and I had to sign shirts and bags and photos. I suppose the joy of living with people from all over the world was that we got to swap traditional clothes every Sunday. That Sunday I was wearing traditional…


Exploring the Udzungwa Mountains at Kilombero after helping teach English to children of the workers of the sugar factory.

The Snorkelling Adventure

I mean, snorkeling is a pretty straight forward thing to do. You wear your gear, you jump in, look around and come back. But this, this was a real adventure that I’m surprised I survived. First, they put us on a boat which is not really a boat. It’s pieces of wood put together in a ‘cast…

Not yet!

That I have only a few weeks left here have forced me to reflect on look back at what I’ve been through and how I’ve changed. Being an Indian, I have all this ‘culture’ flowing in my blood but I’ve found that no matter where I go, my blood adjusts itself to let new learnings…

Heri Ya Paska – Happy Easter

We wanted to do something for the children so we hard boiled the egg, drew on them with crayons and left them in food colouring. And organised a good old fashioned easter egg hunt. It was a success and we may have succeeded in making this a ritual. Heri ya Pasaka! (Happy Easter)