I have been very bad about awards. I don’t always feel like I deserve them but I’m also always very thrilled to receive it. I keep meaning to do posts about them till the ‘busy’ word keeps haunting me – which isn’t really fair to all of you who nominate me. So I put this on my things to do list, put up posts, email reminders – this evil machine I want to smash.


It seems to have worked.

I have been nominated thrice for the Dragon Loyalty Award by Seth’s Perspective, Sincerely Kate and Container Chronicles for the Dragon Loyalty Award (rules included in those links). This is an award for how obsessive I am – OBVIOUSLY. When I find a new blog to follow, I do the creepy stalker thing and read as many of their posts as I can to catch up. Earlier, I used to lurk, consuming every post ever put up but never really commenting. And now the WordPress Gods have installed a ‘like’ button. Cue constructive(?) spamming Isn’t it sweet that I got awarded for something that is obviously a problem I need therapy for?

What I feel like today!

I’ve also been awarded the ‘Versatile Blogger” award by The Opiniator and Favorite Passtime. Again, the rules are on his blog – Please, pretty place take this bait and check these lovely blogs out. The good thing about blogging awards is that it gives you ideas for posts when you’re stuck.

Seven Things About Me –
1) I’m 90% introverted – This doesn’t show up when I interact with people. People like hanging out with me – the way people turn to me when I enter a party is proof of this. I make friends easily and I’m not shy, and yet I’d much rather stay at home, alone. I enjoy being alone.


2) I like to start my day catching up with all your blogs. I do the same just after lunch at work. 

3) On weekends, I do my Teach English as a Foreign Language course (my plan B for when I just need to take off but don’t have the finances for a long trip). On Sundays, I laze in front of the TV watching cooking shows.

4) I’ve only read 8 books this year as opposed to the 84 in 2011- 2 of which I haven’t yet finished. 1 of which I’m ignoring purposely because I don’t want to know what happens next – Thank you George R R Martin

George R R Martin Sadistic
5) I don’t have a surname – just two names. My parents decided early on that they wanted me to discover myself and have my own identity without being slave to my family, father’s or husbands identities.
6) I’m not looking forward to Christmas Day because “I don’t want to go!” (Which is a point about how I insert Doctor Who references everywhere I can get away with it)

Me at Christmas
Me at Christmas

7) I watch Epic Rap Battles of History when I need cheering up. This one is my most favourite.

My lovely Canadian Beauty over at Green Grows Dark has given me the Imagine Award which is an award created to recognize bloggers who express their passion and dedication towards their blogs through their creativity – through words, pictures, videos, blog layout etc. Now this is an award I love for its task to talk about the one who nominates you. I find it a great THANK YOU method and I get to tell you that –

a) She has the most adorable dog in the world – Jack.
b) She’s an incredibly strong woman for being open about her struggles and for taking action over the easier ‘do nothing’ option.
c) She is an amazing writer to boot – she has a beautiful way with words.
d) Her passion towards mental health and psychology leads her to research that I have personally found very helpful.
e) She has recently created an inspiring bucket list many of which I would encourage you to take up yourselves

And now for the best part of this post – The people I’d like to forward these awards (ALL OF THE AWARDS) to. 

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And in no particular order

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Go Shawty – Itsshoburrday!

It’s kind of strange not having to put up my finger friends on top of this post. I’m meant to be taking a long hiatus from 30 days of posting but it’s such a natural part of my morning, like eating breakfast. I found myself staring at the keyboard for far too long and so I finally gave in.

It is my happy birthday (Indianism) after all!

Something happened with grammie today. She is 90 and has dementia. It’s very hard to get her to share anything about her past. The 3 years that I took care of her taught me her language and a few glimpses of what it must’ve been like for her – married at 16, farmer’s wife, mother of 10. Every time she does share a story that we’ve never heard before, it feels like Christmas.

This morning she was talking about how she went to school till grade 4. In her days, girls attending school was unheard of. There were farms to be tended, mouths to be fed. Sometimes I can see her draw outlines of words in her script on her lap. She’s usually unaware that she is doing that and I love watching her lost in thought.

Her name in school was A.V. Maria. I asked her what the AV stood for. She didn’t budge. I started giving her suggestions “Audio Visual? Active Voice? Anti Virus?”. She laughed and squished me, she had no idea what I was talking about.

And then I remembered her family name, which was the A. What did the V stand for? Vendetta? Turns out V is the word in her language for “Doctor”. Yes, Doctor. Can you imagine having a profession be IN your name? Broseph exploded in a geekgasm – “OMG, You’re the doctor’s granddaughter. Henceforth you shall be called Susan!”

I’m going now to see about the legalities of changing name. I’m thinking of something – exotic. How about, Dragon Slayer? I’m open to suggestions!

Grammie in a Christmas Hat
A. Doctor Maria

Life Lessons from Doctor Who

30 Day Writing Challenge

The interwebs exploded with Doctor Who posts all weekend. I had to stay away from the web because, well, spoilers (see how I set myself up for these wholines?). Tinkerbell and I were so excited, we barely slept and then hosted a Who party where we watched the Doctor Who biopic – An Adventure in Space and Time (which was so beautiful, I was sad at the end of it) and then the Day of the Doctor. The day led to one of the most epic rants he has ever been on

Countries broadcasting Doctor Who Simultaneously
Tinkerbell – Look at the map of the world. Look how conveniently the BBC has ignored all commonwealth nations and is streaming the show everywhere else. &^%^&% Fidel Castro is watching the show, Polar Bears and Empire Penguins are watching the show. Goddamn Putin is watching the show. WHERE IS MY SHOW?

My love for the Doctor, however, goes beyond his 10th and 11th pretty faces and they are pretty, their faces. I started reading the book when I was a little girl. I came across the books quite by accident or as the Whoniverse would say, it was a fixed moment in time. Dad had been to a book exhibition where they were clearing out some of the books left behind by expats, which included a couple of books from the 60s that featured the master and another series called The Man from U.N.C.L.E.  Growing up, this is the world I would get lost in. Not neverland and narnia but travelling adventures with a mad man in a blue box. And he taught me so many things, I figured it would be a good tribute to the 50th Year Anniversary.


1) It’s okay to not be perfect – The Doctor didn’t spring out fully formed and godlike. He made mistakes, he learnt from them. He was scared, he ran away from his fears, then he faced them. A lot of people sink into the series to day dream and escape from a mundane life but even in the adventures through space and time, he fumbles, he embarrases himself, he grows.

2) You are not your mistakes – You have to remember that the Doctor has the power to travel through space and time, helping where he can, touching and changing lives but there was one rule – that you couldn’t touch events in your life that were fixed moments. Events that have somehow made you who you are now. The Doctor taught me that it’s okay to have regrets as long as they didn’t crush you into a ball of self pity. He went about his life having learnt the lessons he needed to from a less than pleasant event. He was a better man for it. You learn that you don’t get do-overs but you get to pick yourself up.

Thank you Steven Moffat for runining this premise in one single episode. You and your goddamn plotholes!

3) Be prepared to face your problems – You will run away from your problems. That’s normal. You will avoid talking about it for ages but if there’s one thing the Doctor teaches you, it’s that your problems will catch up with you. You will eventually get tired of it. It will eventually leak to the surface and you will have to eventually deal with it. And when you faceoff with your fears and darkness, it’s good to have handy, a list of catch phrases like “Exterminate” and “Delete”

4) Have bag, will travel – The best way to feel alive is to travel – to see new worlds, to immerse yourself in the culture, to add stories to your collection of memories. The Doctor taught me to a) invest in a good pair of running shoes b) always be ready to take off in a moments notice c) never be afraid to get your hands dirty and really immerse yourself into an adventure.

5) Life is better with companions – The Doctor being a Time Lord would live longer than most people, which made his job a very lonely one, having to out live or leave behind people he loved. I suppose one could say it’s easier to shield yourself from the pain of relationships, even friendships that outgrew you. It’s easier to just build walls and keep going, but the Doctor always made an effort to surround himself with good people. When I was growing up and had the urge to draw into myself and shut people out, the Doctor taught me that you are not alone

Doctor Who Companions