For some odd reason, F.R.I.E.N.D.S is really big in India. It came out on TV when I was in highschool which meant that we would watch it when the parents were asleep because OMG, kissing scenes. But it’s just one of those shows whose catchphrases have stuck with you even after all these years.

Case in point, sometimes I go running in the morning with Broseph. Today he did something like this –

He overtook me with a "That's not running. LET'S GOOOOO!". Erm, thanks Phoebe!
He overtook me with a “That’s not running. LET’S GOOOOO!”. Erm, thanks Phoebe!

But then I realised that these are somewhat worldwide.

I was in Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania) getting ice cream when I heard the nasly “OH.MY.GOD”. I nearly dropped my ice cream when the other person said “Oh hi Janice!”
I was in Inverness on the eve of Rockness 2013 and we were all jamming the good old jams – Beatles, Clapton and as the night wore on, a million renditions of Smelly Cat!
Broseph and I walked around, sometimes the whole day, in Malaysia. We’d work up monster appetites and when we sat down to eat, we’d always get interrupted by some tourist or the other, talking non-stop about their adventures. Till one of those days, Broseph really lost it and actually said “That’s a great story. Can I eat it?”
Men (and a few women) have actually tired to pick me up with Joey’s classic “How you doin’?”
When we were in school, and mind you, this is a catholic school, we’d do the Ross Gellar hand curse when we really wanted to get a certain point across
The number of times my male and female friends have used the “We were on a break” excuse, phew!

And lastly, I had a really intense conversation with Broseph last night. It went something like this!


Have you ever walked into situations where F.R.I.E.N.D.S references were being used? Or has Breaking Bad taken over the Empire Business these days?