Dream Job

30 Day Writing Challenge

I have a pretty solid job. I have done so many random things in my career but I’ve always been lucky enough to work at places that I feel passionately about. I have worked in clinics and tribes and orphanages in Tanzania. I have been a life skills facilitator for children from vulnerable backgrounds. I took a year off to write from home and built a good client base with regular income and now I write for a group that designs educational games, on a Dreamworks Animation project.

They’ve all been great jobs but the one that was the closest to perfect was when for a few months, Michael hired me to work with him on the Day Zero Project. If you haven’t heard of it yet, go to his website or to my bucketlist tab and sign up. Seriously, it will change your life. I joined it because I was so caught up with work (I was working 7 days a week, 12-14 hours a day) that I ignored the little things. When I heard of the project, I knew I had to sign up and so far, I’ve crossed off so many things, I’m happier than I ever was. There is a sort of unadulterated joy that comes from doing something instead of waiting for things to happen to you.

Travel Writing

I always seem to be helping people plan their travels or help them research, give them a customized bucket list for a destination. It struck me again when I was helping WL (aka, boyfriend) the other day with research for a trip that what I really, REALLY want to do is travel and write about it and not to touristy, well researched places. But places that people haven’t hear of, secret sanctuaries, festivals, private nooks etc. It would be even more ideal if I got a small island I had to take care of in “off season” so that I can do my other writing then. Wouldn’t that be the life? If the universe is listening, please make this happen?

What is your dream job?

Mid-day Cravings

30 Day Writing Challenge

I want to rummage through stacks of memories with you. Memories we have collected all our lives before each other. Dusty, mouldy bundles that rattle with the sound of all the skeletons in our closets. I want to lay them out and match them with the most similar looking ones in yours. I want us to hold each other and look at them together and sigh about how things were, smile at how things are and choke with joy about how things will be.

I want us to sit on the floor – me with my legs crossed, you restlessly trying to get yourself into a comfortable position next to the pile of adventures we have been creating. Every now and then you will hand me an idea that will make my eyes sparkle, you will stroke my hair and whisper-sing a “This is for you” sort of song. And I will giggle. No one makes me giggle the way you do.

I want to acknowledge that the world takes on a silly shape when we are together. Have you noticed? It oddly looks like a snowglobe and we are two figurines spinning around in magic and unadulterated happiness, separate from the rest of the universe. So what if every once in a while we get shaken and displaced? There’s only so far we can go before we are brought back together.

I want to be lost in a story more beautiful than the best fairy tale fiction ever written because with you, it’s all real and we’re already on Chapter 2. When the horrors of the night and the realities of day seem like they will take over, I want you to shush me like on the night we created the first of our many “most beautiful verses”

I want you to be everything with me because I am everything with you.

Someday I will

30 Day Writing ChallengeSomeday I will dance in the rain with not a care in the world. On somedays when it’s dry, we’ll have to poke holes in water bottles and use them as make shift water guns.

But that is okay.

Someday I will make snow angels on autumn leaves because who says the sky has to be blue and the leaves green? On somedays I will paint outside the lines and be called a lunatic.

But that is okay.

Someday I will touch snow and feel the glee that only a person from a tropical country can feel. On somedays I will realise that the white and the magic is just dirt and water that has seeped in through my clothes. I will probably catch a cold.

But that is okay.

Someday I will be paid to travel because as far as dreams go, that is a pretty solid fantasy. On somedays I will realise that work is meant to drain you and suck all life and creativity out of you. I will probably take off every few years and change career paths like I do underwear.

But that is okay.

Someday I will embrace true love even if I hadn’t previously believed it could exist. I will love him unconditionally and we will be happy from the depths of our being. We will be called fools and disillusioned weirdos.

But that is okay.

Someday my life will be a walking pinterest board. I will have a dream house, a million DIY projects, my hair tied up in pretty styles every day. On somedays I will find it hard to not gush about it.

But that is okay.

Someday I will get all the ingredients right on this thing called life. On somedays I will probably wish time away and then regret it. I will probably fail 99 times out of a hundred.

But that is okay.

If you haven’t already visited Lazy Happy Bored Happy Sad, shame on you. I do wax on about her ad nauseum and she is the inspiration behind this post. She is an amazing blogger and I had the pleasure of meeting her in Edinburgh earlier this year, proving once and for all why it’s such a terrible idea to meet someone you only know online. Now, that is a story for another day. It’s full of plot twists and turns that will keep you at the edge of your seat. For a snap shot, read her (somewhat more accurate and less dramatic) version of the story here

Masterchef Australia Here I Come

30 Day Writing Challenge

Those of you who know me outside of this labyrinth know that for a long time I steered clear of anything that seemed too domestic. Being from the third world where women have a stereotype we have to live up to, my daily routine included slapping said demands with a trout. Which meant I steered clear of the kitchen. When I was in Africa though, I had to learn to cook. If I had a choice, I’d live off cereals but I was living sometimes in the middle of a National Park, sometimes on the foothills of Kili, sometimes in little huts in the arid villages near Dodoma . It meant I had to be fit and fed. The luxury of a take away meal – non-existent!

If there’s one thing I’m known to be, it’s methodical. While the task of preparing a meal seemed daunting, I was determined to take baby steps till I made something that would make me feel like Nigella Lawson, more specifically, Nigella Lawson in this GIF.

Nigella Lawson

And would you know it, I did manage my first pinterest worthy dish. Stay with me for the big reveal at the end of this post. But for now, this is how it happened.

Step One – Empty the pantry on to the kitchen platform

Step Two – Arrange the items according to their type, size and colour. Be a complete OCD freak about it

Step Three – Stare at the utensils and then the vegetables and then the utensils and then the vegetables and then the utensils and then the vegetables. They are bound to become what they needed to be. If there’s anything Disney movies has taught me, it is to believe

Step Four – Start to panic. It’s close to midnight and you haven’t got anything done yet. Resort to munching on raw veggies and wondering why the god damn food won’t cook itself like mum promised they would.

Step Five – Lose your shit

Never say no to Panda

Step Six – Go through the five stages of grief.

Step Seven – A light bulb goes off in your head. Last minute panic is the best source of inspiration. I promise.

Step Seven Point Five –  Find bread. But it in the toaster and stare at it without break so that you don’t burn the toast. When it’s a nice golden brown, take it out, slather it with a generous knob of butter. 

Step Seven Point Six – Time to unleash the top secret ingredient – it’s what takes a normal dish extraordinary.

I swear this is how my face looked that evening

Step Eight – Devour said masterpiece! NOM NOM NOM!

I couldn’t believe my luck. I think staring at the ingredients I had helped my creative mind put together some of the most simple ingredients to make one of the best dishes I have ever tasted. Of course, I could be biased but all it takes is 3 ingredients and you can purr with satisfaction once you’re done savouring it.

TADAAA! Disaster cook to Masterchef in less than 3 minutes! You can thank me later!


And here is the Buzzfeed link for the article!


I’ve started to travel 3 hours a day again. Working from home obviously has its enormous perks but there something about being on the road that just thrills me like nothing else.

For one, there’s always something exciting happening on the road -travelling from one corner of Bangalore to another is in itself an adventure. But then there are days like today when instead of rolling your windows up and looking away, you look into the eyes of a homeless old lady and smile, even if you don’t give her any money. There is something about acknowledging the presence of a person that does more to their day than any other financial or material resource.

Homeless Lady Smiling

I know this because the old lady had a smile on her face, tears in her eyes and she blessed me – she held her hands up in a “Namaste”, told me she wishes God would bless me and make me happy as I had made her. She really sounded like she needed it. And it would be a lie to say I wasn’t overwhelmed. I did nothing but smile and yet, someones day was infinitely better for it and my level of energy shot up a 100%

The power of words is often overstated, don’t you think? Today, I’m campaigning for the power of a wordless zing.