We Might Fall

The Sunrise This Morning in Bangalore
The Sunrise This Morning in Bangalore

Let’s go on an adventure.┬áThere are clouds to be jumped on, warm golden rays to be stolen, wings on whose back we can steal a ride.

We could drown in the crow’s feet that your laughter creates. You could twirl me around till we’re so giddy, it makes the world a breathtaking shade of magic. We could walk the journey of some obscure person and throw popped corn at each other while the black mirrors fill up with “must watch” moving pictures. We can tick off lists of movies, of books, of places to eat, sights to see, things that make us feel alive and full of purpose.

We could run around carelessly, tripping as we try to catch the sunshine in your hair and the sparkle in your eyes. We could don ourselves in explorer gear and go hunting for giggles – your giggles – that make me light headed and make me float off the ground.

We could go looking for the moon and have it tell us stories by the fireside. We could even accidentally run into the biggest adventure of them all –

We might fall.

There are Words

There are words out there that aren’t encircled in anatomically incorrect hearts and bright red fonts, words that you don’t have to pay millions for – just as there are days where saying “I love you” isn’t just a thing you do because Hallmark DEMANDS it! I know there are. I wish I had the sort of creative genius to catch them off the air and wrap them in gold tinted clouds to leave at your doorstep.

Would that I could put into words the way you make me feel with all the things that you are and do. I would tell you, in a greeting card sort of way, that you are “everything” and then be caught in a lie. You most definitely aren’t everything and THAT is what makes me fall in love with you over and over again.

I love you because you aren’t as annoying as a crying baby on an 18 hour flight. I love you because instead of publishing incriminating stories about me, you make poetry out of words as mundane as “nice”. I love you because you don’t treat me like a commodity, you make me feel like a beautiful, strong person with all the possibilities in the world available at my fingertips. I love you because you don’t let me believe that things are easy, you are realistic and even when things are difficult, you urge me to try. I love you because you don’t run away screaming everytime you see me, even if I’m dressed like Totoro and trying to scare the kids who come to play basketball. I love you for not owning a goddamn plane full of snakes because I would love those snakes more. (Yes, yes I would!)

But this is not romantic and the words that exist, they are out of my reach.

And so for right now, I hope the hearts say what I’m fumbling at.

Did my heart love

Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.