The church- I went through a Kilimanjaro coffee plantation and ended up in Germany!


Wednesday brings an end to my longer trips and projects and from then on I’ll mostly be travelling like crazy all over this country. This means no more snail mail or chatting. But I’ll be seeing these guys again. Love you all. I will try and tweet and update status as often as I can…

Take that, lonely planet!

Don’t get me wrong. The book is great. It’s descriptions in depth. It has even been a life saver sometimes. But then, I don’t earn in dollars and I definitely can’t afford the touristy itineraries. Today I did something even better though. I took cattle out to graze. It’s usually a man’s job in the…

The highlight(s) of my safari in Ngorongoro

  That’s 2 more. Brings up the total of big cats I’ve seen in half an hour to 7.