Happy 25th Princess Pea

Happy Birthday Pea
I had the greatest friend when I was a little girl … and I got to keep her for the rest of my life! Happy Birthday Little Sister!

We Might Fall

The Sunrise This Morning in Bangalore
The Sunrise This Morning in Bangalore

Let’s go on an adventure. There are clouds to be jumped on, warm golden rays to be stolen, wings on whose back we can steal a ride.

We could drown in the crow’s feet that your laughter creates. You could twirl me around till we’re so giddy, it makes the world a breathtaking shade of magic. We could walk the journey of some obscure person and throw popped corn at each other while the black mirrors fill up with “must watch” moving pictures. We can tick off lists of movies, of books, of places to eat, sights to see, things that make us feel alive and full of purpose.

We could run around carelessly, tripping as we try to catch the sunshine in your hair and the sparkle in your eyes. We could don ourselves in explorer gear and go hunting for giggles – your giggles – that make me light headed and make me float off the ground.

We could go looking for the moon and have it tell us stories by the fireside. We could even accidentally run into the biggest adventure of them all –

We might fall.

I am speaking the Kween’s Anglish!

So, I have to do an IELTS exam because I need to be born in an English speaking First World nation to be considered a native speaker. Even though a LOT of native English speakers say things like “Me and Andy” and “She’s married with a dentist.” I wonder how many “native speakers” actually score a 6 and above, as stipulated by every English Speaking border security. Anyway, that’s my rant of the day done. And to show you that I also look at big picture, here is a series of photos I’ve taken on my rides to and from work.

“Mom Says No Race. Dad Says No Grace” Poor guy’s caught between a rock and a hard place.
A far cry from the usual signs that read puncher instead of puncture. I think they were just – tyred! Haha, get it? Okay, I’ll stop now!
Unbeatable Logic
Woah – caught in a car romance?
Last Christmas, I gave you my heart! Ouch, it hurts!
The back of the auto is a famous Bollywood quote said by a villain and yes, that is an actual coffin in the seat!
Guess Jesus is never going to take the wheel!
WARE your helmet and save your head.
We’ll wait till he’s under alcohol.
Better hurry to the nearest dictionary and see what the 'burry' is about. Seriously though, Hurry Burry is one of my most favourite Anglo India phrases of ALL TIME!
Better hurry to the nearest dictionary and see what the ‘burry’ is about. Seriously though, Hurry Burry is one of my most favourite Anglo India phrases of ALL TIME!


Tis the season to be jolly

30 Day Writing Challenge

We work with a parallel team in the US and so on Friday, instead of working, we ushered in a company outing out of the city – which was fantastic because who doesn’t love lakes and trees and hills to climb? I went out in full spirit and did everything, got looked at like I’m a weirdo because instead of sipping cocktails with my fellow lady colleagues (which I did), I first wanted to play sport and climb the hill up to look at the view. This resulted in a sprained right thumb (OW! OW! OW!) which prevented me from posting this yesterday but I’ll make up for it by posting more photos than I originally intended. (Click on photos for a larger image)

Hope you’re having a good thanksgiving weekend and haven’t been too trampled in the Black Friday madness. For those who aren’t American? What have you been doing this weekend?

Birds in Love
Apparently winter is a great season to be in love
Urban Valley Lake
The view from up the hill


Bangalore Sunset
The view on the way back to the city


Universal Languages – Travel Tuesdays

Amidst the concrete jungle that is the heart of Kuala Lumpur, you often find lush green gardens and parks that you could stroll in for ages. Quite like magic, sometimes you happen upon cool lakes and fountains in which you can rest your sore feet. This is an amazing place to not just get away from the noise and restlessness of corporate Malaysia but to find yourself in the middle of vibrant stories.

The garden just behind the Petronas Towers

Like of old men who walk slowly but with purpose with their canes and backs bent without a care in the world. They have little bags under their armpits – old, faded, leather. Sitting on one of the benches of the park near a water fountain, I observed how the whole park was dotted with similar looking old men.


Eventually they made their way to these unique benches and took out their priced treasures from their leather satchels – well used chess pieces and begin some of the most entertaining matches I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Sometimes, there are languages that transcends words – the li’l grunts on frustration or victory, the fist bumps, folding your hand over your chest and the most impressive of all, the toothless grin. These are universal and wherever I go, I keep my eyes peeled for them. They tell the best stories.


Read more of my adventures abroad here – a story about my first time in Europe and the things I had to teach myself! : )