The Thirtieth Year

I’ve done it. I’ve managed to reach the grand old age of thirty by failing at every societal standard laid before me – my index finger is ringless, my hair is fashionably grey, my uterus is rotting to the sound of my spinsterhood and I have dared to have a good time nonetheless. Who would’ve thought that being a disgrace would be such an adventure? They should’ve made it less exciting, and catered it to my attraction to procrastination.

My 2016 looked like this:

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Yay! #books #bookstagram #bookworm #goodreads

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1. I managed to read 48 books I can officially claim to have read. There are some I can’t claim to have read on account of threat of jail. Aren’t banned books the best?


2. I got to hang out with sea-turtles!

3. I got the Broseph to come visit me. We had so much fun, his trip ended with me getting pneumonia (fun times!)

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I just died and went to heaven! #panda

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4. I got to see a Panda LIVE!!!

5. I got to hug my baby niece and spend 2 whole weeks being bullied by her (it was the best feeling in the world!)

Kerala, India.

5. I got to see 15 new places in Thailand. Not to mention the great towns we got to explore in Kerala, India, over Christmas.

2017 is my 30th year and I intend to go after adventure and happiness with the same (if not slightly more exaggerated) vigour! After all, I read some potty graffiti recently that said “Do more of what you love!”. If that’s not a sign, then I don’t know what is.

Happy 2017 all! Let’s make this one count!

Timey Wimey Stuff

I was feeling a bit anxious coming back to this platform after taking a long (REALLY long) break. Not because I have nothing to say, but because there are so many of you I want to catch up with and it keeps building up. I read, a LOT. I’m following over 600 of you and can you imagine how many posts that adds up for the 3 weeks I was away?



I did manage to write Guest Posts for my blogger friends WillieSun and Kevin – One is about my Christmas traditions and the other is about my experiences with English Literature. Read Happy Merry to You and The Magic of a Story by clicking on those links.

Anyway, I decided to follow the one lesson I learnt in 2013 that made it such a good year for me – Baby Steps! It helped me be healthy again, helped me find an amazing job, helped me meet, fall in love and manage a nurturing long distance relationship, helped me stay sane when my baby sister got married, helped me travel in the UK for 2 months. 2013 also helped me get back into writing. Sure there were downs and many overwhelming situations but I got through it.

Me at my sister’s wedding!

Talking about baby steps, we’ve had the first baby coming from my generation. My cousin is now the proud father of a little princess and that has got everyone emotional and nostalgic and full of hope. Which brings me to this crazy thing we call time. It’s so mind blowing how one little date on a calendar can have such a huge impact. We go through the year whining and being depressed and feeling down about all the things we should accomplish but never do. And then New Years comes along and everyone is full of hope and dreams and the motivation to make and stick to resolutions.

Calvin & Hobbes - Possibilities

If this magical number January 1st is a feeling that we make up in our heads, then if we really put our minds to it, how many do overs can we give ourselves? How many things can we tick off our lists just because we tell ourselves – TODAY IS A NEW YEAR!

And so, that is my resolution – I will not let things overwhelm me, because babysteps will take me to the podium and when I feel stuck, I will create a new year for myself and just go for it.

I hope your 2014 has been good so far. Looking forward to the coming year, travelling by your side.


30 Day Writing Challenge

It’s my favourite month of the year. Not so much cause I was born in this month. Not so much because I love winter – you’re allowed to love it when you live in the tropics. Not really because it’s the holiday season and everything is awash with colour and fairy lights and stardust. It is magical and in that magic, you get to ponder on your life and make peace with what’s brought you here and what you have to look forward to in the next year. There’s also the fact that no matter how much you’ve screwed up this year, you have a fresh start just around the corner.

And you know how hot chocolate makes philosophers of us all –here are some life lessons that struck me when I was sipping a dream, cuddled up in my blanket and being distracted from my book

  1. Life isn’t fair but it still is very, very good
  2. When fear and uncertainty grips you, don’t retreat into yourself. Take baby steps
  3. Your job won’t take care of you when you are ill or need pampering or both. Your friends and family will. Your time investments should reflect this.
  4. Life is too short to not enjoy it or be happy
  5. Make peace with your past. It will haunt you every now and then but it’ll stop getting in your way.
  6. If your relationship has to be a secret, you shouldn’t be in it
  7. Don’t save for a special occasion – break out the nice wine, put on your fancy clothes, light the scented candles – TODAY is the day.
  8. As hopeless as it seems, things pass.
  9. All that will truly matter in the end is that you loved and loved completely.
  10. Breathe!

Bonus Life Lesson – When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile!