Reality Vs Writing Goals

I promise my absence isn’t due to my procrastination. Here is a list of excuses reasons why my writing has been benched. 1. My baby sister is pregnant (due in October). She came to visit us for a month in India during her 6th-7th month which, of course, was the harbinger of a tsunami of…

We Might Fall

Let’s go on an adventure. There are clouds to be jumped on, warm golden rays to be stolen, wings on whose back we can steal a ride. We could drown in the crow’s feet that your laughter creates. You could twirl me around till we’re so giddy, it makes the world a breathtaking shade of magic….

The Unsent Letter

Dear Double D, This is draft 478. The rest of the edits are locked somewhere in the far recesses of my mind. Probably. I can’t tell anymore. There’s a new feeling that drowns out everything else in my head and my heart now. I am happy. The other day when you texted me about your…

30 before 30 – Part 2

  Earlier in this blog challenge, I started a list of 30 things you DON’T have to achieve by 30. I know that there are set milestones by society that includes marriage and babies but since you only know for sure about one lifetime, do yourself a favour and be happy? Here’s the second part…

Bookshelf Porn – Reading Nooks

  You know you’re a freak when your Pinterest boards isn’t full of spectacular DIYs but pages and pages of bookshelves. This is my version of porn. I’ve created a post to help you deal with a cold Tuesday morning. Reading nooks we should be cuddled in instead of working our butts off.