Tis the season to be jolly

30 Day Writing Challenge

We work with a parallel team in the US and so on Friday, instead of working, we ushered in a company outing out of the city – which was fantastic because who doesn’t love lakes and trees and hills to climb? I went out in full spirit and did everything, got looked at like I’m a weirdo because instead of sipping cocktails with my fellow lady colleagues (which I did), I first wanted to play sport and climb the hill up to look at the view. This resulted in a sprained right thumb (OW! OW! OW!) which prevented me from posting this yesterday but I’ll make up for it by posting more photos than I originally intended. (Click on photos for a larger image)

Hope you’re having a good thanksgiving weekend and haven’t been too trampled in the Black Friday madness. For those who aren’t American? What have you been doing this weekend?

Birds in Love
Apparently winter is a great season to be in love
Urban Valley Lake
The view from up the hill


Bangalore Sunset
The view on the way back to the city