Thanksgiving – Top Ten Thursday Megalist

30 Day Writing Challenge

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in India but it is a very powerful concept – to sit and relook at your life and think about all the things you are grateful for. It’s easy to slip into a depressive state towards this end of the year because more likely than not, you have resolutions on your list you still haven’t ticked off. This is okay. We are all, in some way of the other, on the same boat. This is my way of taking a moment. Also, I may only be doing it because of the massive ‘T’ orgy in the title. It’s the little things that I’m grateful for!


Life’s Major Achievements – 

  1. Having the will to exercise regularly, eating healthy and being fitter than I have ever been in my life. Plus, losing 40 pounds is apparently kind of a big deal
  2. Finding myself again, being more confident and outgoing. Let me to meet Salman Rushdie and rediscover friendships I had ignored in my aim to be a recluse
  3. Throwing two really big and successful parties – Princess Pea‘s bachelorette and my brother’s 21st birthday. Milestone parties are the best. And Halloween – Halloween is my festival and this year we had a 3 hour scavenger hunt.
  4. Travelling around the UK for 2 months – visiting upwards of 15 new towns/cities. Meeting, as always, amazing people who will be friends forever and a very special blog friend.
  5. Helping my baby sister with her wedding and watching her walk down the aisle and say “I do”
  6. Meeting the love of my life and letting myself be open to that relationship even though my previous instinct was to run away. Successfully maintaining a long distance relationship which is in every sense of the word a full fledged relationship
  7. Writing and reading again – I had given up both for a long, long while. Had lead me to some amazing books, inspiring blogs and blog friends. Plus, I get more views in a month now than I did in the whole of last year. I must be doing something right. Right?
  8. Being hired for a job I had been after for 3 years (funny story) and working in partnership with Dreamworks Animation Studios
  9. Spending quality time with my family – getting to know each of them on a level I didn’t have the opportunity to when I was younger
  10. The future looking bright and full of promise.


Life’s Simple Pleasures – 

  1. A nicely brewed cup of tea
  2. A long, hot bath after a tiring day
  3. Tasting new beers and adding them to my ever expanding beer list
  4. Cat gifs, blogs and memes on the internet. Especially grumpy cat. He makes me feel warm inside.
  5. Flipkart man frequenting my door. 
  6. Unwinding in front of the TV or getting pumped up while watching the IPL
  7. Being sung to (helps when your bf is a singer)
  8. Riding the bike to work every morning
  10. Winter

Life’s Most Satisfying Moments – 

  1. Sleeping in and cuddling on a rainy day
  2. Finding money I didn’t know I had
  3. Receiving a postcard/letter/package by snail mail
  4. Waking up suddenly and realising I have more time to sleep
  5. The ZING of a new idea
  6. Laughing hysterically or giggling privately
  7. Finishing what I started
  8. Making someone smile
  9. Being pampered silly
  10. Feeling the post exercise burn

What does your list look like?

Top Ten Daily Readings

This is how I wake up or go to bed, attached to my phone or computer, gobbling up the latest piece of interwebs goodness. If you’re looking for new blogs to follow or just having a stroll, take a look at these. My personal favourites. Do feel free to leave your own lists (or list ideas) in the comments.

Daily Reading –

1) Englishman in Italy – This is a story of an Englishman (DUH) who married a Sicilian, Mrs. Sensible. It is the story of their lives and adventures in Italy – shady license peeps, language problems, health and diet misadventures etc. If you don’t already follow them, do it now, and thank me later!
2) Kenneth Author –  Good for your health as it is under 550 calories and you know what they say about laughter being the best medicine? Yeah, he deals it out like Indian Pharmacies.
3) Lazy Happy Bored Happy Sad –  She’s moved from wordpress to here so in case you’ve missed it, follow her here. She writes about her travels and off late I’ve been totally hooked on to her Disney Day posts (It’s like reliving all of your favourite movies when you don’t have the time but really, really want to). Plus, we’re starting a “Cheesecake for President” club. If that isn’t enough, I don’t know what is
4) Treading Over Stars –  – Because she has a way with words I wish I did. She’s an artist and when it comes to poetry, she is its puppet-master.
5) Pixel Flame –  – Her witty posts are peppered with thoughts that send you into a spiral of deep thought. Who doesn’t like philosophical debates along with their morning coffee?

On the Interwebs –

6) PostSecret –  It is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard
7) Things We Forget –  – Sticky notes left to their fate in public places
8) Busty Girl Comics –  – Because I need to feel like I’m not alone, alright?
9) Buzz Feed –  For my daily dose of lists, news, DIY projects, daydreams etc.
10) La Estrella Solitaria –  Because sometimes you just need pictures that inspire and trigger your wander lust


Top Ten Thursdays

I know, I know. I’ve already tried to create regular post ideas in order to get me to write more. And they have failed, miserably. But hey, I’m spending so much of time at work every week – being online, overhearing things I probably shouldn’t, nurturing giggle fits – this could just work, right?

Gif of Walter White saying "you're goddamn right"
A little bit of Heisenberg Validation!

So this week I thought I’d write all the things I’ve heard or seen that have made me nearly spit out my hot tea.

1) “They’re not that talented but that that last minute quickie gave them a semi” – talking about a local football game the rival team won which put them in the semi-finals

2) “Oh my God dudes, this Gusvinder is too badass dude. That old man went ring-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding and TAPAR! What a scene!” Seems the office has come on board the Breaking Bad Train

3) Colleague 1 – Dude, what’s your gaming name? I’ll add you
Colleague 2 – Cock
Colleague 1 – What?
Colleague 2 – Cock dude. Who doesn’t want cock? Come on, it’s that Heisenberg speech!
Colleague 1- Oh, you mean coke
Colleague 2 – Yes, that’s what I said. Cock.

4) “I don’t know why he has to detail every single thing he does in the gym, like he’s so macho. I just want to tell him – Dude, unless you fall of the treadmill or drop the weights on your face, I don’t want to know”

5) “For the last time, this is not lipstick. It’s a lip conditioner. It’s like pimped up chapstick. For men”

6) Colleague 1 – Why is there an England Flag on your desk?
Colleague 2 – Oh Britain and India have had like a thing like forever now. You didn’t know?

7) “Need a shrink? Go to a woman and she’ll psychoanalyse you for free and then try to save you. Win win dude”

8) “Have you heard the new Miley Cyrus song? Racking Ball yaar, What a masterpiece!”

9) Kid – Uncle, give me one Bisleri bottle, 1 litre.
Shopkeeper – Which one?
Kid – Aquafina

10) “You need to first master the art of thinking to think outside the box. Dumbass”


(If you have a list you’d like to share, or if you have ideas for top tens I could write up, don’t forget to leave a comment!)