Masala Chai and Misty Mountains

I had a bizarre dream last night. It started of as a stress dream about work. I was sent out on an errand. While wandering the streets, I saw an old Caucasian man sipping a cup of chai (the elixir of life). I felt a sudden and unconquerable urge to buy myself a cuppa. I…

What’s in a Name?

I am lucky to have always had a place of work that doesn’t require elaborate escape into your own world plans.Β In my previous office, I was for the first time subject to people who tried to kill each other every afternoon. Now, work does that to you – makes you a monster. But this was…

Sawadee Ka

The last month is a blur, understandably so. If I have to look back on it from where I am sitting right now, in office, in Bangkok, it’s just a dizzying mix of suitcases, clothes, family, work, food, salary, emotional goodbyes and presents. Lots and lots of presents. I made a deliberate attempt to not…

Change of Scene

We’ve been shifted to the top most floor of our office building. Now, this isn’t such a big deal – considering we have been moved thrice over the past one year. However, this view is doing good things to my imagination! What’s that in the distance? A palace you say?  

Overheard in Office

V – Dude. why are you playing this damn DOTA with your ice princess. Click, click, clicking away. Just join our game. The whole team is playing. A – No. Leave me alone! V – God, you’re such a clickhole!