Brain Dead?

It’s possible you’ve missed this important piece of news on account of all the chaos Trump’s presidency has caused, and the social media explosion on account of Queen Bey’s twins. Good thing for you, you’ve got me.

Scientists (gosh, don’t you love them?) have discovered that completely locked-in patients, patients that have no control over their body, can now communicate thanks to this brain/computer interface that reads patients minds!

OMG, a mind reading computer. Right now, it can only read answers to yes or no questions, but … can you  imagine the future?

One of the patients who was being tested had his daughter visit him, She asked him if it was okay for her to get married to her boyfriend. The answer came back as a ‘no’ 8 out of 10 times. What blows my mind is not the father’s really strong rejection of her boyfriend, but the fact that she did what all children do – she kept asking the question till he got tired enough to get a yes.

Funny how we can manipulate parents, eh?


Full report here: Completely ‘locked-in’ patients can communicate

I’m Moved


Sometimes the sunsets here are like paintings. Not the abstract stuff that makes you go WTF, but a soul stirring classic!

In fact, I was so moved, I’ve changed domains. Please change your bookmarks to ❤ Show some love!

Trumped Up, Trickle Down Economics

Nearly everyone has weighed in on the Trump debacle – whether the rant is laced with pro or anti keywords, it’s hard to get on the internet and not be faced with some Trump related news. Even in remote Bangkok, the capital city of a country run by a military government, there is an air of desolation, and everyone who’s everyone has shared their thoughts on the issue.

So instead of waxing ad nauseum about the same things (a lot of someones on the internet have captured the feelings better, and written the words more eloquently), here are a few pictures from the FCC-Thailand event I attended on President Trump’s inauguration day.

Trump Inauguration Bangkok.jpg

Organised by Democrats Abroad – Thailand, the event included the watching of Trumpland, an open mic to air your views, and an insightful panel discussion by experts in fields like climate change, economy, human rights etc.

As the night went on, I got more and more desolate. I’m not American, but it’s hard not to dodge around this doomsday feeling that is everywhere we look.Something one of the panelists said struck me. He said that the election was not won by racists voting. It was won because of economics. People can’t give a shit about any of the big issues when their day-to-day life is so difficult. He said that if jobs were fixed and a living wage guaranteed, the world would stop tilting to the right. Suffice it to say, a lot of alcohol was consumed that night.

However, I decided to focus a bit on the positives.

  1. Americans can drink you under the table, while passionately quoting from very intelligent books/poets/artists/TV personalities.
  2. The ‘useless millennials’ are raging, and are underestimated because of their choice of favourite beverage (something about a pumpkin spice latte?). This is good when a revolution strikes, the element of surprise will be on their side.
  3. Trump was voted in my a minority of people, and by a flaw in the election system. So while he will try to push through archaic/damaging edicts, the people will rebel.
  4. There are good people in the world.
  5. We can actually do something, instead of wallowing in our ‘THE WORLD IS DOOMED!’ social media rants.
  6. The American system of government and politics actually give its citizens the rights to be heard, to participate in democracy, to have your voice heard. I struggled to think of instances where I felt I participated actively in the politics of my own country.

There is a buzz in the air threatening to promise you the opportunity to live through historic times. I don’t know what to make of it.

An Eerie Mannequin Challenge

I’m not the kind to be spooked easily. I have been known to laugh a bit too much during horror films, been a bit dismissive of ghost stories and stories of spirits. I’m a self-proclaimed unsympathetic rational.

Of late, though, I have had this feeling of being watched. I’m not usually a paranoid person, and maybe it had to do with the head to floor windows in our bedroom and kitchen … but I just couldn’t shake the feeling.

View from my bedroom window

With the lovely view out our window, I often look outside. A few times over the last few weeks, I’ve had to shut the curtain because of an irrational fear that someone was watching.

Then this weekend, the mister called me over all excited. He had spotted something in the next apartment complex that tickled him to no end. Tune in next week to find ….

Just kidding.

He saw that the guy (presumably) living opposite us on the floor above had a mannequin by his window! (WHO EVEN DOES THAT!). The mannequin, when his owner leaves the curtain open, stares straight into our house. It was not a malevolent spirit, and the shameless voyeur had impeccable taste in t-shirts. Sigh.

On the plus side, I found something else to keep me on edge. An elderly neighbour whose idea of fun is to sit on his balcony in his tighty whiteys while watching movies on his laptop. Fun!