N-N-1 Autumn 2020

The one joy in my life comes from being able to write for the amazing N-N-1 series. No matter what comes in between me and my writing, the Classical Gasbag is always there to cheer me on and inspire me! Thank you so much for organising this, Norm! What a lovely collaboration! Welcome to the…

The Little Things = Self Care

It’s the little things like fresh air and love that equal self-care. Don’t forget to recharge yourself with both.

An Anxiety Attack

There’s a thought that now constantly haunts me – how well would I fair as a foreigner who is so obviously foreign? Would I make it?

Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdown Jams

When the lockdown was first announced, we had just moved houses after a year of being neither here nor there. We were looking forward to truly starting our lives, to finally unpacking our suitcases after 6 years of living and working in different countries (or in my case, 13 years), and to finally owning a…

From Walking Enthusiasts To Instagram Influencers?

My whole career has been me trying to find the balance between making ends meet, using my talent, and working for an organisation that truly makes a difference. This has meant that every now and then I have an existential crisis and give a good think to what else I could be to stay relevant….