Note to myself

Mum says we didn’t walk up the steps when we were a child. We skipped them two at a time.

We didn’t go around the puddles, we went straight through them jumping at the view, ignoring how dirty we got.

We didn’t avoid walls and fences. We hopped over them.

We climbed trees.

We always knew life is too short not to walk on the grass.

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  1. Henri says:

    life just makes us more skeptical, cautious and everything that holds us back! I wish we could retain the child-like quality in ourselves and the wisdom and experiences as we grow up…


  2. Wilhelmina Upton says:

    Sometimes, I walk toward a streetlamp and try to decide as late as possible, without crashing into it, on which side I should pass it

    When there are hip-high obstacles in my way (sorry don’t even know the german word for what I am describing :D) I let my hand(s) fly over them and make me believe I have wings

    Sometimes, I jump up the stairs on just one leg to see how many I can do without breaking the rhythm

    When you grow up (which I will probably never fully do) you should take care of the little kid inside of you and foster it, let it out every once in a while, it enjoys to play immensely


    1. cupitonians says:

      This is the best comment I have ever received. I had to say a big AMEN!


      1. Wilhelmina Upton says:

        You’re welcome! It fitted your post 🙂


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