The Perks Of Dating A Teacher

My mum was a teacher when we were growing up. She eventually gave it up for non-governmental, non-profit work but there are still embarrassing memories of being treated as a teacher’s daughter. However, being as young as I was back then, some of these memories have blurred into one and have started to fade. I am, now, however, dating a bookie-turned-writer-turned-teacher. This brings with it its set of perks!

Just Bangkok Things

I have come across some really bizarre things in my month in Bangkok – enough to know that there is never a dull day in this city. Here are a few things that make Bangkok what it is – Stay tuned for more in the series! šŸ˜€

What’s in a Name?

I am lucky to have always had a place of work that doesn’t require elaborate escape into your own world plans.Ā In my previous office, I was for the first time subject to people who tried to kill each other every afternoon. Now, work does that to you – makes you a monster. But this was…

Damn Hormones!

Nephew – Princess Pea was crying today when I gave her some chocolate Me – Why? Nephew (dropping his voice to a whisper) – I don’t know. I think she got hormones. (Things kids pick up while eavesdroppingĀ on conversations about your pregnant sister)

Top Ten Thursdays

I know, I know. I’ve already tried to create regular post ideas in order to get me to write more. And they have failed, miserably. But hey, I’m spending so much of time at work every week – being online, overhearing things I probably shouldn’t, nurturing giggle fits – this could just work, right? So…