Paddling Out

I spent the most part of my Sunday looking at flight tickets to Japan. No particular reason really. I was on the site to try and book tickets for England but then wondered what it would be like to visit the other side of the globe. That’s the thing with wanderlust. It just hits you at the most random times.

Before I knew it, it was well past my bedtime and I will still staring at the computer, unable to shut it down and go to bed. If it wasn’t for Monday, I might have stayed with the travel site all night. It would have been so romantic to catch a sunrise together.

Damn you, Monday!

I spent the most part of my Monday staring wistfully at this map and hoping that one day, my real life map will look somewhat like my WordPress reader map.

Wordpress Map

One day. Soon.


I’ve started to travel 3 hours a day again. Working from home obviously has its enormous perks but there something about being on the road that just thrills me like nothing else.

For one, there’s always something exciting happening on the road -travelling from one corner of Bangalore to another is in itself an adventure. But then there are days like today when instead of rolling your windows up and looking away, you look into the eyes of a homeless old lady and smile, even if you don’t give her any money. There is something about acknowledging the presence of a person that does more to their day than any other financial or material resource.

Homeless Lady Smiling

I know this because the old lady had a smile on her face, tears in her eyes and she blessed me – she held her hands up in a “Namaste”, told me she wishes God would bless me and make me happy as I had made her. She really sounded like she needed it. And it would be a lie to say I wasn’t overwhelmed. I did nothing but smile and yet, someones day was infinitely better for it and my level of energy shot up a 100%

The power of words is often overstated, don’t you think? Today, I’m campaigning for the power of a wordless zing.

Fibonacci Frenzy

I was thinking about how bizarre my family must look to “outsiders”. For one, I call my dad “Father” and he calls me “Daughter”. People¬†assume we share a very formal relationship. The truth could be nothing but the opposite.

We have quirks that are absurd. If we want to sit down to a family movie, my dad’ll insist we play one of these four – Gladiator, Ben Hur, The Great Escape or The Dark Knight. My grammie only eats her food if we tell her it’s worms and drinks only if she thinks it’s acid.

Broseph spouts off facts about strange laws in other countries including random facts like how the most expensive coffee in the world is “elephant poop” coffee called Black Ivory, or something just as peculiar.

Okay, so the Pea might be the most normal one among us but she’s inherited my mum’s penchant for numbers. She can spout of a bunch
of numbers she heard someone call out at the Petrol bunk, a week after she’s heard it and my mother, she is a FREAK about patterns in numbers.

Growing up, she’d always find patterns in number plates, telephone numbers, birth dates and digital clocks. She figured out that the whole
family has a 9 day gap between our birth dates. I was born on the 11th, broseph on the 20th and the Pea on the 29th. Mum’s born on the
14th and dad was born on the 23rd. See, exactly 9 days apart.

Number sequences makes her happier than me on movie marathon day. We’d go on road trips as a family and she’d squeal “Look, look” and we’d all panic till she would point out to the car ahead us with the number plate “1234” or something a bit more complicated “1357”. At dinner we’d panic again with her “Look, Looook!” and the time would read something in sequence. We would make fun of her at the time but it’s something we’ve all picked up subconsciously.

DSC_0181 (2) (1077 x 808)

Last evening, broseph and I were lying down on the floor recovering from some circuit training and we both happened to look at the look and immediately started yelling “Mamma, Mamma, come here NOW! Quickly. Look, Look!”. My aunt and her rushed out of the kitchen, anxious – the time was 14:15:16. And around the clock, time stood still for a magical while, time enough for the broseph, mum and I to have a huge smile pasted on our face.

The look on my aunt’s face when she saw our reaction?



I’ve been away

I’m in one of my moods today. Maybe putting off writing for so long has drained me. For a long while, putting thoughts to words was the only thing keeping me grounded and sane. It’s kind of ironic that I have been looking at writing prompts on the interwebs for the past 3 hours. Then you click a link that looks interesting that leads you to another link that just … let me tell you, the internet is a TRAP. So instead of getting anything done, I’ve been looking at flight tickets. How many millions of times have I landed on this page?

I’ve been telling myself that a 6 month sabbatical from writing is fair (6 freaking months, where has time gone?) I have been off doing some crazy things – including crossing these things off my bucket list

  • Exploring the life out of the United Kingdom including London, Oxford, Bath, Stonehenge, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness.
  • Watching my baby sister get married to the love of her life
  • Falling madly in love with an incredible person in what has become one of the best adventures I have been on

I think it’s time to get on this ship and come back home because here’s the truth of the matter, I have missed you something awful.

Universal Languages – Travel Tuesdays

Amidst the concrete jungle that is the heart of Kuala Lumpur, you often find lush green gardens and parks that you could stroll in for ages. Quite like magic, sometimes you happen upon cool lakes and fountains in which you can rest your sore feet. This is an amazing place to not just get away from the noise and restlessness of corporate Malaysia but to find yourself in the middle of vibrant stories.

The garden just behind the Petronas Towers

Like of old men who walk slowly but with purpose with their canes and backs bent without a care in the world. They have little bags under their armpits – old, faded, leather. Sitting on one of the benches of the park near a water fountain, I observed how the whole park was dotted with similar looking old men.


Eventually they made their way to these unique benches and took out their priced treasures from their leather satchels – well used chess pieces and begin some of the most entertaining matches I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Sometimes, there are languages that transcends words – the li’l grunts on frustration or victory, the fist bumps, folding your hand over your chest and the most impressive of all, the toothless grin. These are universal and wherever I go, I keep my eyes peeled for them. They tell the best stories.


Read more of my adventures abroad here – a story about my first time in Europe and the things I had to teach myself! : )