You make me smile

Have I ever told you that I’m in an open relationship with Google? That’s right. He gives me everything I need. Including what I needed to make this post as random & exciting as possible. It generated for me 5 random numbers. Why is that so important? Here it goes.

One of my 101 things to do in 1001 days had to do with listing for myself the 100 things that made me happy. I kept putting it off, as always. It’s been a couple of months but I finally got down to doing it. The weather was perfectly sunny and my mind was still enough to sift through the spiraling thoughts. Instead of listing all 100 though, here are my random 5.

Number 81: Corner House Ice Cream

You will only find a Corner House only in Bangalore. The first real ice-cream parlor that served fresh ice cream with all sorts of exotic flavors and fruits. It’s got pictures of  old Bangalore with the tree lined roads and the Rolls Royce’s that the English used to drive around. It brings back a story I heard during dinner time when I was a child of how my grandmother was one in 10 Indians to be picked to go to the mainstream British school instead of the one where the poor, dark Indians went to. My sister and I later went on to study in that same school (I hated it there), which was also a hospital at my grandmother’s time. Going to corner house makes me feel like I’m moving along history and that all time is one. This may also have to do with heavenly flavor of their Black Currant Ice Cream, their Peach Melba & Cake Fudge! 😛

Number 7: White Flowers

I’m a typical wild child, an acquired taste of sorts. I like my jeans and flip flops. I like riding the motorcycle. I chew on my nails. I play in sand. I’m seen as one of the guys. For the longest time I struggled with my identity because as much as I loved my adventure, being in India meant being pushed into a whole box of stereotypes that you had to pick up and dress with. When I was younger, I delighted in being as boyish as I possibly could thinking that femininity is gross. Growing up means that you discover your niche in circumstances that once curbed you. I discovered that I actually loved flowers. I have a favorite type. No points for guessing that white ones are my most favorite (I’ll leave the “why” to another time). Needless to say, people never pin me down to be a flowers kinda person and so I never get any. But it makes me grin from ear to ear when I pass one that’s fallen in our garden or when I treat myself by riding all the way out just for one flower. I also have this dream that one day I will know and recognize the love of my life when he hands me a white rose 😉 I understand that in times of financial crisis like this one, the white horse is a bit much to ask! 😀

Number 5: Singing in the car at the top of my voice

I just turn on the radio and sing whatever is on. And since it’s radio, you can bet every coin you have that it’d be Britney Spears or the Backstreet Boys or Hannah Montana stuff that’d make my head reel if I was anywhere else. I know all the lyrics, I sing at the top of my voice and sometimes at the signal, if my siblings are around we do li’l jigs that make the traffic cops giggle and cause a huge jam!  By the way if you bring up this pop song bit in public, I will deny it outright 😉

Number 26: My creativity

I don’t know when I discovered it but I am good at making stuff. I draw well, I’m pretty good with graphic design. To my logical mind, computer programming & designing would’ve been the perfect career. I make gifts rather than buy them – not cause I’m cheap (I’m not) but because the world has made special occasions too darned commercial. This is my way of saying I care, you are a part of who I am and who you are to me oozes out in the things I create. Even when I work on other projects, I am drawn in where creativity is needed. People sometimes say I’m a genius at it but really I’m not. Ideas pop into my head – like a superpower that can’t be helped. Poor Peter Parker and the toxic spider. I used to say I’d rather be Bruce Wayne.

Number 19: Adventure

When I was younger, it was trips on my cycle to a friends house. For an Indian girl my age, leaving home unsupervised was a huge act of rebellion. But it’s one of the things I discovered early on and embraced. I am a drifter. I like to travel. I like to try new things. Two weeks back, I left home without a word to anyone for a week. My parents knowing who I was didn’t file a missing persons complaint. I backpacked across Europe. I lived in France for a couple of months. I often challenge myself – overcome fears and go out of my own comfort zones. Go on budget trips without any plan of what next. There is no other high that can keep me going as much as adventure lust.

And there you go, just as I promised. That’s task number 19 marked green. 82 more to go! 😀

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  1. Valerie says:

    Flowers always make me happy too. I know that each one has its own meaning to different cultures — and even specific to different people — but to me, they are all beautiful. And witnessing such beauty in nature can always make me happy. : )

    In my opinion, creativity is one of the most important and useful talents a person can have. Being able to create something in a way no one else thought of… it IS genius, whether or not people think it is.

    And I definitely envy your sense of adventure! I wish I could go out of my comfort zone like that.

    Great post! Very interesting.


    1. cupitonians says:

      Valerie, one of the 100 things that make me happy is receiving comments on my posts. So thank you, doubly. You just made my day.
      I believe adventure does not necessarily mean packing your bag and taking off randomly. It also means going by a subway when you’re scared of crowds or letting someone tell you how beautiful you are without cringing or even having an unforgettable conversation with a person you just met but may never meet again and knowing that you will think of them always. I hope a lot of adventures come your way. They are, after all, the spice of life! 🙂


      1. Valerie says:

        I’m happy to hear it! Comments and feedback always make me happy too, so I figured other writers felt the same. : )

        I agree that adventure isn’t always limited, and I am trying to open myself up to more opportunities and finding ways to improve on my weaknesses. I hope you experience many more adventures as well!


      2. cupitonians says:

        Big Hugs Val. 🙂


  2. Clev says:

    ha ha ha.. Way to gooo anju!! 🙂


    1. cupitonians says:

      Thanks Clev 🙂


  3. Prasad says:

    You’ve a great sense of writing and it’s good to know more of you, here. White flowers and Cake fudge. Adventure trips and Amazing creativity. Unmatched persona.

    No wonder, I fell for you. 🙂

    Waiting for the rest of them. Keep posting 🙂


    1. cupitonians says:

      Thanks sweepea. That’s enough you know about me. Everything else is a secret. You won’t hear about it unless I write an autobiography. 😉 Hugs.


  4. Medha says:

    your blog makes me smile!! :*


    1. cupitonians says:

      Big Hugs. Love you 🙂 Your comments make me smile!


  5. Medha says:

    your blog makes me smile!! 🙂


  6. Henri says:

    You’re so like me, but unlike me. Wild flowers, I agree with 🙂 Bicycle rides at an early age, done that. Penchant for local ice creams, of course…but the impromptu travel, hmmm, never… 🙂 But I admire that bumpkin quality! I like to sit home and vegetate…he he he, disappear without warning, but be right where I am and people wonder…that’s fun! Can’t wait to read the other things on your list girl!


    1. cupitonians says:

      Big hugs. You’re a woman after my own heart! I knew that since the day we met! 🙂 Will tell you what’s on the list when we meet! Love you muchly!


  7. Chhavi Negi says:

    Awesome…Would love to hear the rest of them…Am making my own and we have some things in common, I must say.. xoxo 🙂


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