Highway to Hell and Back

I always seem to have convenient excuses for not writing. So before I get on to it, let me list the great things that have happened to me over the past month.

1. I got a new phone – the elusive MI3.

An Indian company, Flipkart, bought up limited stock and then created around it some of sort of virtual Black Friday sort of scheme where the phones would only be on sale on Tuesdays, at 2pm and if you didn’t register and didn’t click ‘buy’ at the opportune moment, all the phones would be sold out in 2.5 seconds. A colleague of mine was one of the lucky guys who bought the phone. When we were all out for a team dinner, I jokingly said that the next time the sale was on, he should buy me one. Next thing I know, I’m the proud owner of the fanciest phone that has graced my inner circle. What do I do first? I get on Instagram (something I vowed I would never do!). But now I have a WordPress app as well so I can do small posts when they come to me. Too ambitious?

2. ย I got a huge pay hike!

Explains why I could afford that phone in the first place! This also means I have to grow up and deal with the dreaded income tax department.

3. The boy is moving HERE!

He said I should allow him to experience my culture and my city the way I immersed myself in his. Don’t tell him I said this but something about that was so romantic, I couldn’t say no. Every other decision we make after this, we will do together and that is what truly excites me. Apart from the obvious societal annoyances of – “how can you live together pre marriage” and “oh he’s a white boy, let me charge him a billion rupees for something that costs 10”, of course!

Now on to the big news of how I got hit by a drunk driver on my way back from work. I ride a moped and this jackass took a U-turn on a huge road without any indication that he was about to turn. I saw him coming from the corner of my eye and so I swerved to avoid him therefore surviving and un-survivable accident. But my bike was completely totalled.


I think what annoyed me most about it was that I had to pick myself up. Then the guy walks up to me, steals my keys and threatens to hit me. He didn’t expect that I knew the language and would lash out back at him. He threatened to take me to the cops (pointing in the opposite direction of where the station was). I told him my station was in the other direction and that we should go immediately. He changed the topic and said I was on the phone while riding. He smelt like cheap liquor.

There were a tonne of auto drivers on the road who snatched the keys back from him and told me to drive away as fast as I could. I didn’t want to leave but in that state, I did. The minute I got home, I told my parents and brother (who were at home for once). We wrote down our complaint, drove to the station, filed an FIR. It was the eve of our Independence Day and despite it being busy, the cops were really helpful.

Anyway, long story short they caught the car (the driver is absconding) and they have paid in part to fix my bike. I will spare you photos of my injury but everything is okay now and my bike runs smoothly and looks better than it has ever looked before.


In other news, the Ganesha (Elephant God) festival has been going on in full swing. Loads of statues lighting up the whole place, happy people dancing – festival season in India is always such a treat. I went to a friends house and while standing on his 5th floor balcony, saw a Ganesha Statue rising in the dark as if to bless his devotees. It was a surreal experience.


And if you haven’t made plans to visit Bangalore yet, here’s a good reason – it looks SO pretty in the rain!


Hope you have all been well!

18 thoughts on “Highway to Hell and Back

  1. I am so glad you are OK. What an incredibly selfish way for the driver to behave. Do take care of yourself. I also have had a pay rise although after taxation I am not sure that it makes a great deal of difference. In any case it was nice to get it! I’m really pleased that your boyfriend is moving to be with you.

    All the very best,


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    1. The advocates were also callous. They first made statements to mean that I drove badly because I’m a woman. Then insinuated that I lied. They didn’t really expect me to fight back because in India you just don’t want the headache of going to court so you just let it go. You are glad you’re alive and so you tend to be lenient. I wasn’t going to have it. Congratulations on your hike. I only recently learned about your taxation system and can only say one thing – move here!

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  2. So, the big news is that “He” is moving to be with you. He is uprooting from his home, leaving behind everything that he finds comfortable, just to be with you. Yes, that definitely qualifies as romantic. Is there a movie script in the works?


  3. Anjumol, I was wondering where you were!! I am so grateful that you’re fine! And I know why you love Bangalore now; the auto guys actually helped you instead of being passive spectators. And woohoo boy moving down is amazing news! Hope to read the many adventures of you two!! All the best!! Love and hugs.

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    1. Hellllooo! I am here and fine. Preparing for many-an-adventure. Is that how you say it? Sometimes I feel I forget my English. Yeah, the auto guys were very helpful. I wouldn’t travel with them but I haven’t really had a bad experience with them. Hope you are well! Hugs!


  4. I’m sorry about the accident but YAY for the boy moving to India. Since I’m kinda behind on this news, when is he moving? Just give my obnoxiously curious self some details, lady!

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