First Time

This isn’t a story about any of those kind of firsts, perverts. I know you want to hear that story but this is about how I now have a full time job as a writer. I know, I know. I have been getting paid for writing for 2 years now but I’ve never actually sat in an office all official like. It’s already day three and I still have to hold back some squeals when I look at this keyboard. Guess there is something to this “Follow your dream” advice.

The best bit is that I work with game developers and artists – which means, so far my job has included me spending a few hours testing out the games APART from my passion of writing. I mean, how good is this?

Yesterday, I had my earphones on and was listening to a YouTube instruction video for work and was suddenly jolted with the sounds of “DIE, BASTARD, DIE!”, “I’LL GET YOU FOR THIS MAXIMUS! You &^&^%*^^%&*%”. I was so shocked and looked up for my desk to see that my colleagues had set up a whole floor to play counterstrike and were in the middle of an intense game where I gathered one of them died. Hardcore!

If only the sound of a satisfied purr can be translated to words, I would insert that here.

18 thoughts on “First Time

    1. Yes! Well, that’s what it’ll look like on my CV anyway. I did it full time before but with so many different organizations. The pay and the benefits are great. I am still thinking of studying though, let’s see how it goes!


  1. Oh Counter Strike..I would die for this Game..No Game in the world will ever replace my love for CS…What a nice place to work..I hope if I did ever get such a job.. 🙂


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