Bangalore’s Lullaby

Listening to Bob Marley makes you feel you got swagger, you visibly relax and it feels like you’ve been smoking up. It really does.  And this song, doesn’t it make you laugh and cry all at once? I’ve been listening to good music all week and they’ve inspired this post.

I get a been ‘there. done that’ vibe whenever I read “This week in photos/vlogs” so I decided to twist it around a bit, you know, make it my tribute to sound. So all week I’ve been recording sounds in and around Bangalore.

Bangalore is filled with the sound of sleepwalkers.

It’s full of sounds that pull you out of bed

And put a spring in your step.

It sounds like a hastily written blog.

It sounds like a million hands rocking you to sleep.

A week in the life.


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